Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Are Okay

I'm sure you are all worried about the storms and wondering if we made it through unscathed.
(you are, right?  hello? anyone there?)

There was a deadly tornado in the Atlanta area but lucky for us it was on the other side of town.
We just enjoyed some wind and a ton of rain.
I have never seen the drainage ditch out back hold so much water.

Our county did have a tornado warning in the morning but that was for the other side of the county.  However, the schools don't discriminate.  Lauren and Tyler both said they had a Tornado Drill for about an hour.  Tyler's class went into the hallway and assumed "the position." (seated on the ground, head between the legs and arms over and protecting the head)  Lauren's class started off in the hallway in "the position" but after awhile they made their way to the teacher's lounge.  Lauren told me another class wasn't so lucky.  They had to hunker down in the girls bathroom.  Lauren said the boys didn't really enjoy that.

After that warning expired school continued as normal.
I kept watching the news and by noon tornado warnings were going off like crazy.
(somehow my weather radio is set for all the counties of GA, not just my own)
On the it looked like the squall line was going to hit our area right as the kids were being let out of school.
After checking in with my personal weatherman (thanks Mr. Buddy) I decided to go all out paranoid/protective Mom and check the kids out of school an hour early...before the storm hit.
(I saw 4 of my friends in the front office doing the same thing.)

I'm so glad I checked them out because right about dismissal time a Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued.  Since these Severe Thunderstorms can often produce tornadoes they shut down the school and didn't let anyone leave....for about 40 minutes!
I would have been beside myself and all crazy-like.

Instead I'm happy to say Lauren and Tyler got to drive me crazy-like all safe and sound at home.

seriously, what is she?

I hope you all enjoy your crazy evening.


brian said...

Glad you guys are alright. You know the Great Pacific Northwest doesn't have those things... just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Is that really Lauren? She looks about 16 years old! How tall is she? Lookout boys! G. Jan