Monday, April 30, 2012


Have Passports - Will Travel

Look out Canada, we're heading your way very soon!

(Their passports are good for 5 years...please send your recommended destinations.)

Weekly Menu

Sunday:  Shrimp Salad Sandwiches based on this Shrimp Salad recipe.
review:  Matt made these yesterday and they were delish.  I ate the leftovers over a green salad for lunch today.
Monday:  White Cheddar Chicken Pasta, steamed corn and garlic bread.
review:  Everyone cleaned their plate and I heard a lot of "Yumms."  I didn't tell the fam but, I halved the amount of olive oil and cheese called for in the recipe, plus I used Fat Free Half n Half in place of the light cream.  No one knew.  I'll be making this one again!
Tuesday:  pantry meal, Tyler has T-ball practice  (most likely frozen pizza)
Wednesday:  Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos & rice
Thursday:  pantry meal, Lauren has a Softball game
Friday:  Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw and Spicy Mayo
Saturday:  Birthday Cookout with friends - hot dogs, hamburgers and Boca burgers for the vegetarians
Sunday:  left-overs or pantry meal

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Girl Scout Field Trip: Fire Station #1

Tyler just ran out the door saying, "This is the awesome-est day ever!"
Matt is outside with a handful of the neighborhood kids playing with his gas-powered remote-control car.
Mr. Matt is hands down the "awesome-est" Dad on the block.

While the children play I thought I'd document our day.

Today was a Girl Scout field trip to the Fire Station.  While Tyler and Daddy got a hair cut, L and I visited our county's Fire Station Head Quarters.
It was a pretty impressive and massive station.
The tour was very informative and interesting.

The Daisies and Brownies

Lauren said her favorite part of the tour was going down the slide.
Our firefighters don't have a fireman's pole, instead, they have a super cool (and according to Lauren, "a very dark") slide!
She's blurry but that's her sliding out.

Out front they have a special piece of metal on display.
Lauren asked what it was and it is actually a piece of the World Trade Center.
-pretty cool-

When we got home Lauren joined the crowd of neighborhood kids in a friendly yet fierce game of whiffle ball.
(Tyler was pouting off camera during this picture.)  

They have been playing together all day even taking a break for dinner.
However, since it's almost 8pm and tomorrow is a school day it's about time for me (mean Momma) to tell them it's time to come in from their "awesome-est day ever."

Hope you all had an awesome weekend like we did!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Super Saturday

Today was a Super Fun day.
We spent most of our time at the softball field because Lauren had a double-header.
Her team has yet to win a game but they came so close in the second game today.
The girls were on fire and it was Super Fun to watch.

Tyler had fun as well even though he didn't have a game.  He spent his time on the playground and didn't complain once about wanting to go home.

Everyone was rewarded with "medium" instead of the usual "small" Frosty's on the way home.

Here are the professional pictures taken of Lauren and Tyler's softball & t-ball teams.
Please enjoy...

Lauren and her team:
The Falcons
(2nd from the right)

Her coach took this picture with his fancy camera
(so pretty!)

and this one as well.
She smacked that ball!

Tyler's team:
The Dodgers
(Mr. T is back row, 3rd from the right)

Is he not THE most handsome T-ball player you've ever seen?!
look at those eyes!

After the softball games we came home and had a cookout with Mr. Dave and his son Troy.
It was steak and salmon and delicious.
I also made cauliflower mashed potatoes and a green salad. 

Dinner was great but the best part was hanging out with our friends.

Zombie Lauren sneaking up on Tyler and Troy


I begged Tyler to get in the picture but he refused.
Lauren, however sweaty, looks cute enough for the both of them though.

PS: (a bit on the sad side)
I thought about my Dad today while Lauren was playing softball.  She did so well and has improved so much.  He would have LOVED to watch her play today.
He's missing out on so much with L and T (and his other grandson P) that it breaks my heart sometimes.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She's Growing Up

Lauren has been on an independent streak lately.
My instinct is to lock her in her room and keep her my little girl forever but that's not really healthy for either of us right?  ...are you sure?

Currently, she insists on showering by herself, brushing and flossing her own teeth, tying her own shoes and pouring her own cereal and milk every morning for breakfast.

And just yesterday she added styling her own hair to the list.  She says two of her friends in her class make their own ponytails and she wants make hers as well.  I talked her through the low ponytail (easier with damp hair) and I think she did a mighty fine job.  We both thought it deserved a picture and documentation on the blog.
Speaking of Growing Up here's proof they really do!
(And!, if you are looking to buy a super fun toy that will be a steady companion as kids grow up than look no further than the Step 2 Sandbox.)

Lauren- 3 years, Tyler- almost 1 

Lauren- 8 years, Tyler- 6 years

I can't believe they are growing up.  This seems just like yesterday!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Menu and International Travel

Our weekly menu is most definitely NOT international but I thought I'd mention that I had my passport renewed and it arrived in the mail this weekend.

I got my first passport in 2001.  Matt and I went to Italy, Brazil, Canada (multiple times,) Grand Cayman Island and Mexico.  We were crazy international travelers before we were blessed with our first child in 2004.  My passport expired in 2011.

We have an opportunity to visit Montreal, QC, Canada this summer.  Matt will be working and the kids and I will be practicing our French Canadian.  Beyond Canada, the world will be our playground.  (Disney Cruise in the works and perhaps Peru? (to visit Aunt Mili's hometown))

Now we are just waiting for passports to arrive for the two DS playing rugrats below.  We sent their applications three weeks ago.

And now for the Weekly Menu:
(mostly from my Cook Yourself Thin cookbook)

Monday:  WW Asian Pork with Vegetables & rice
Tuesday:  (T-ball & Softball games)  frozen Pizza & snacks at the game
Wednesday:  Turkey Chili Crunch & green salad & chips 'n salsa
Thursday:  Mango-Glazed Salmon with Spinach Salad
Friday:  (T-ball game) cheese quesadillas & carrot sticks & fruit
Saturday:  Steak with Cauliflower "Mash" Potatoes
Sunday:  l/o or pantry meal

Bon Appetite (that's French Canadian for "eat and enjoy your dinner or there will be no dessert"...I think.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Picture Perfect

We got the proofs from the Spring Pictures today and of course they turned out adorable.  Which means I will have to purchase them.
(ka ching)

Look at my suave smiling boy with hand in pocket.
(ka ching)

 And there's my adorably sweet girl with her hand on her hip.
(ka ching)

 And then they had the nerve (that wise money-making nerve) to pull Lauren out of class to pose with her brother.
How sweet is that?!
(double ka ching)
 I have almost two weeks to place my order.  Maybe Matt can work some overtime?  =)

Tyler's mouth has been picture perfect today as well.  He's had zingers all day and they have certainly spoken a thousand pictures.  (or something like that.)

Tyler's Awesome #1:
After school today Tyler asked me how old I was.
Tyler, "Momma, how old are you?"
Me, "34"
Tyler, chuckling, "Oh I thought you were 50-something."

Tyler's Awesome #2:
"Momma, give me FIVE, Up High" (I gave him 5 up high)
"Down Low" (I gave him 5 down low)
"In the Pepsi" (I gave him 5 in his handmade Pepsi)
"You're Sexy"

What?!  This what?! was followed by a lecture about how some words are inappropriate.  And an interrogation of where he learned this rhyme.  (Kindergarten classmates...of course)

Tyler's Awesome #3:
(while taking a bath today)
Tyler, "Momma, do you remember a long, long, long, time ago like a thousand years ago when we were at Grammy's log cabin?" (he meant MeMa and PaPa's log "cabin")
Me, "Why yes I do.  Are you remembering taking a bath there?"
Tyler, chuckling "No this was way before baths were invented."
(after that he didn't elaborate but I thought it was awesome funny enough)

I love my Awesome Tyler (and his sister as well for putting up with him.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Picture Days

We've had us some Picture Days lately.

School Pictures - Spring/Summer theme
(because they think we have more money to spend)

Tyler will only wear khakis and a polo shirt for picture you better appreciate it.
-t-shirts and sweatpants (sans underwear) are the norm-

I missed Tyler's t-ball pictures due to a conflict in sibling schedules but I was able to stand behind the professional photographer for Lauren's softball pics.
(I'm sure the photographer LOVED that)

The Falcons
U8 coach-pitch softball
(Lauren is 2nd from the right) 

She could very possibly have the highest batting average on her team.
She doesn't always hit hard but she consistently hits the ball and gets on base.

After pictures it was Game Time.
Here's my girl on third just waiting to score.

Project Update:

Matt (my home improvement hero) installed a screen-door to the door that goes from the kitchen into the garage.  The kids and their friends often play outside and I like to keep my eye on them but without letting the 'dripping with humidity' heat inside.

Boy was Chloe surprised!

Chloe may disagree but I love it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

not just a Weekly Menu

If you can't tell I'm in a blogging RUT.  This may or may not be due to a renewed interest in reading...which may or may not be due to a certain "Shades of 'something or other'" book I downloaded on my iPad...which may or may not have made me realize how EASY it is to download and read new books.  In the last four days alone I have read two books I am willing to admit to and also recommend.
"Still Alice" by Lisa Genova and "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua.

And now back to my blogging RUT.  I have plenty to blog about since there is never a dull moment around here.  

For example, during Spring Break, the first week of April, we went to Destin, Florida.  I took a ton of pictures but it just seems too daunting a task to put them all together in a coherent blog post.  

Instead, I'll supply you with some visual proof from Destin and then our Weekly menu.  Because RUT or not we are still eating good dinners.

We stayed at the SunDestin Beach Resort.
Ideal Location!!
it went Condo room to pool to sand to Gulf
(no parking lot, no street to cross, no car needed)

We had a great time!
Day 1 had some choppy seas but L and T didn't mind.

Day 2 was a beaut!
The Gulf of Mexico is my favorite body of water.
(nostalgia says the Pacific is my second)

Weekly Menu

Monday:  Buffalo Chicken Chili, salad bar (greens & choose your own toppings,) strawberries
(recap:  awesome!  (a bit spicy for the weak of heart though))
Tuesday:  Asian Edamame Fried Rice topped with Shrimp (stir-fried with sweet & sour sauce) & fresh pineapple
(recap:  An all around family pleaser (which rarely occurs))
Wednesday:  French Onion Soup & baguette & salad
Thursday:  Two meals of Cheeseburger Lasagna, baguettes, steamed corn & ice-cream   (a neighbor recently had a baby and I'm bringing her family dinner.)
Friday:  Bunco for me = frozen cheese pizza for the hubby and kids (don't worry - they love it)
Saturday:  Pasta Primavera & l/o pizza
Sunday:  left-overs, pantry meal, or impromptu cook-out

 Hopefully my blogging RUT will ease up soon but in the meantime Buen Provecho.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Six Years Ago

Six Years Ago
We were blessed with a very healthy (9 lbs & 12.5oz healthy) 
and very handsome boy.
Tyler Wayne

I can't believe how little they were.
Tyler (6 days), Lauren (2 years,19 days)

We spent a week celebrating Mr. T's 6th birthday.

On his actual birthday we took the kids and a couple of neighbor kids to the park.

They enjoyed "feeding the ducks" aka "wading in the murky brown lake water."
I included a picture of Matt as well because I found it inappropriately humorous.
(creepy guy sitting alone at the park with a big bucket of cheese balls)

At home, after the park we opened up Tyler's presents from the extended family.

He thoroughly admired each gift before moving on to the next one.
After the presents were opened we enjoyed a birthday treat from the Fresh Market.

The next Saturday we had his birthday party at the bowling alley.  He only wanted to invite the boys in his class so that is what we did.  The bowling alley was pretty dark so I didn't take many pictures.  I wish I had at least gotten a pic of all the boys together but oh well.  They all had fun and thanks to the bumpers and the bowling ball ramp no one had a bad game.
All his friends signed a real bowling pin at the party and he got to take it home.
It is still on our mantle and Tyler insists that that is where it will stay.

The fun didn't end with his party.
We took his new toys home and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with them.

Tyler is one fantastic kid.  He's very bright and sees things exactly how they are.  He is never short on words and is very accurate in his descriptions.  I can see him being an engineer or an author or an author of engineering books.  =)  
I'm excited to see what the future holds for my six-year-old little man

Happy Birthday Big Guy!