Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Menu - 7/29/2013

My tomatoes are growing like crazy so I'm happy to use them up this week.

Monday:  Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup & Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Melts
Tuesday:  Christmas in July Turkey Burgers & Fresh Corn, Tomato and Basil Salad
Wednesday:  Skinny Baked Vegetarian Egg Rolls with Peanut Sauce & miso soup
Thursday:  Honey Lime Pork Chops & red potatoes & bag frozen veggies
Friday:  farewell party for a friend (I will bring a side dish)
Saturday:  Bunco (left-overs for the family)
Sunday:  Cajun Chicken Linguine Alfredo, Skinnyfied & salad

Bone Appeteet this week!

Friday, July 26, 2013


Today we picked up Lauren from Camp Winshape and now our family is Complete.
We sure have missed our girl.

Receiving her awards from her counselor, Miss Vinia aka "Aqua"
(who Lauren believes to be a real mermaid.)
(Just ask her...she'll tell you the story.)

Family Friday Chick-Fil-A Lunch
our happy girl!

Sister and Brother reunited at last!
Enjoy these happy getting-along photos
(the fighting started in no time)

We celebrated Lauren's home-coming with a movie at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta.
We saw Turbo in 3D but the highlight was the reclining chairs in the theater.

Traffic was B-A-D after the movie so instead of heading home, we putted our way to Atlantic Station for dinner and then stopped by the X-Games free-to-the-public Raise the Bar Exhibition.
(Pole Vaulting but with Motocross Bikes.)

Matt knew this exhibition was going on because he saw the construction happen outside of his office window.

Since we walked by the sign to his office building I had to take a picture.

With that picture taken we headed back home (in still moderate traffic) to enjoy our Complete family home together at last.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

12 Hours Until LAUREN TIME!

  Tomorrow. Tomorrow. 
♫ We'll see you Tomorrow. 
 ♫ We're only a day away. 

I can't wait to pick up my sweet girl tomorrow.
We have never been away from her for 12 days in a row since the first 12 days of her life.
(She was born 4 weeks early and spent 12 nights in the NICU.
However, while she was in the hospital we spent 16 hours each day with her.)

(rockin' the jaundice shades and preemie diaper)

Okay...I'm getting sentimental...and now moving on.
We will be leaving the house at 7am in order to get to Camp Winshape by 9.

Here's another "Where's Waldo/Lauren" photo

I really hope she relaxed and let herself have fun.
This camp has so much to offer spiritually, socially, educationally, and all the other -allys.

I have seen a genuine smile here and there in the pictures the camp has posted but most look a little reserved like the following.

pottery skills

fast food skills
(pudding perhaps?)

Council Ring
(cute hair!)

...and this one...

I'm so proud of her and can't wait to hear all about her time at camp.
(the good and the bad)
 In 12 short hours!

Meanwhile, back at the homestead.
We're still loving on our Romy.

Pillow Pet Pacifier

He's our sweet rambunctious kitten who thankfully! takes many naps during the day.

I'm sure he's missing Lauren as well.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Archery Skills

While running errands today we stopped by the new Academy Sports store which opened two days ago.

We checked out the entire store.
We all found some new workout clothes but once Tyler spotted the archery section it was all over.
He told us all about how he loved the archery skills he learned at Camp Winshape and how he would love to have his own set.
'Nuff said
(If our boy expresses interest in a sport we're going for it!) 

Back at home it was Archery 101!
~lots of fun~

Speaking of Camp Winshape and having are a couple of pictures from the Winshape website.

Lauren and her counselor

Lauren with a genuine smile.
My girl is having fun!

Today marks one whole week at camp for Lauren.  Five more nights and we pick her up.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Letter from Lauren!!

 The mail came late today.
Somehow I just knew there had to be a letter from Lauren.
So of course, the mail came late.
When I heard the mail truck drive by I ran out there and scooped up not one but three letters from Camp Winshape.  Her counselor sent one, Lauren sent a quick postcard, but she also sent an in-depth card which I'm excited to share.

"To Momma
Yesterday night we went camping but it wasn't fun because it was 10:40 it started to Thunder and Lightening and it was very dark so we got our sleeping bags and it was pitch black and it took a long time to get to the cabin. The End.
Look on the back
From Lauren"
(Yikes, sounds like it was a scary camp out experience.)

(we had asked her some questions in an e-mail and she is answering some of them)
It is not easy to sleep in the room.
The camp counselor stays in the our room.
Every meal we have to drink a whole cup of water to get seconds and dessert.  I only cried about 10 times."
(we did not ask her how many times she cried, she voluntarily gave up that information)

Regardless of the 10 crying sessions and the scary camp-out I think my sweet sensitive girl is having a good time.
I believe I can see a smile in the picture below.
Can you spot her?

Today at home we put away Tyler's loot from camp...

he caught up on some screen-time...

and I harvested some tomatoes from my garden.
Apparently I only planted grape tomatoes with one growing rogue.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Living not Blogging

Today we picked up Tyler from camp.  We've missed his sweet face so we are hanging out with him instead of blogging.  The movie, "Where the Red Fern Grows" will be playing in our basement in five minutes.

I won't however, leave you empty handed.  Please enjoy Tyler's cabin-mates singing their Mohawk camp songs.  (Tyler is in the yellow hat.)

(This will be the ONLY time you see a bunch of kids dressed in green and yellow singing, "Go Beaver, Go Beaver!"  Tyler and I already had a talk about this.)  =)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

So today my friend and I....

 So today my friend Tammy and I did some shopping in Atlanta.
We hit a bunch of stores and had a great time...
 but who's kidding who?
You (by you I mean all four of you family members who read this and lately don't comment) really came here to see more pictures of the kids at Camp Winshape.

So let the photo onslaught begin.

As I predicted, Lauren was in a lot more photos posted by the camp today.

Here she is HAPPY! while at a camp-out.
I'm sure she's making friends for life with her cabin- and now tent-mates. 

Next up are photos from Junior Skills.
Before camp she got to sign up for 9 different skills she wanted to focus on.
She chose mostly art related activities which is her forte.

Here she is making melty crayon art.

patience is key

So deep is her concentration, I'm sure she didn't even notice the camera. =)
(I miss my sweet girl!) 

While going through the pictures posted on the camp website I normally browse through them looking for a short haired blond girl.
This one I had to do a double take but I eventually figured it out.
(the "not Lauren" is actually a daughter of a friend of mine...small world)

Tyler got to go on a camp-out as well.  
By the looks of it I think he had fun.

They also got to ride horses.
These boys sure got ATTITUDE!

It looks like they painted the horse first.

Hosing off.

I CANNOT wait to pick up my sweet boy from camp tomorrow.
I would like to pick up Lauren as well but I know she has another fun filled week of camp ahead of her.

In retrospect, I should have signed both of them up for the two-week camp.  I thought Tyler may have been a little too young, but taking into account his more outgoing personality he would have been just fine.

I'm still happy I get to claim my little boy tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Camper

I received a postcard from Tyler today.
It TOTALLY made my day!
I have gone over it with a Mother's eye and I will type it out for you:
"Camp.  I love camp it is the best.
I just got back from sock war.  Can you give me a card back[?]
I love camp winshape but I have a bit of sad at rest time.
And I love the bible.  I still love my bed and I play kickball.

                        to mommy
                        from Tyler"
Oh my goodness I love that child!

Here are the latest pictures from camp.

swimming like a fish

(T is in the solid green t-shirt with the camo pants)

I love this pic!
Everyone is having FUN.
 T is definitely one Happy Camper!

 The only thing missing is more pictures of Lauren.
 I want to be reassured that she is a Happy Camper as well.

I did spot this one today on the Winshape website.
Do you see her?!  =)

I have a feeling Lauren will be in more pictures tomorrow.
I can't wait.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Menu and Camp Update 7-15-2013

Weekly Menu:
(I'm on a total Emily Bites kick lately.)

Monday:  Taco Wrap Deluxe, chips & salsa
Tuesday:  MNO for me but I'll make Matt some Hot & Cheesy Bean Dip to go with his leftovers.,
Wednesday:  Imitation Crab Meat Sandwiches (hey...I have some fake crab in the freezer I need to use up.  I'm sure they'll be delish.)
Thursday:  Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes
Friday:  We pick up Tyler from camp and will take him to eat wherever he wants!
Saturday:  Thai Chicken Biscuit Cups
Sunday:  left-overs or pantry meal

Camp Update:

At registration we were given instructions on how to access the pictures taken from camp.  As a first time 'camp Mom' I obsessively checked the website for new pics all day long.  I didn't have to wait long.  Please enjoy them with me.  It looks like they are having FUN!

I miss my kiddos but love to see them smiling at camp.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Camp Winshape 2013

Nine Months Ago
we signed Lauren and Tyler up for Camp Winshape.
(The most awesome over-night camp around...from what I hear.)
Tyler for one week and Lauren for TWO weeks.

Knowing I had so much time to plan and prepare I of course, put it off until a week ago.
(If it weren't for the last minute I would not get anything done.)

We suddenly found ourselves in Camp Winshape Boot-camp.

First up:  Hair Cut
Lauren's hair is impossible to comb out without an outright fit.  
Since she'd be combing it out herself at camp, we both thought it would be a good idea to cut it down to a manageable length.

Lauren's first fancy salon hair-cut.

After Miss Brittany finished chopping SIX inches off L's hair, she did up some very cute french braids.
(which I did not get a picture of)

Here you can see the waves left behind when Lauren took them out that night.
(Cute Cute Cute)

Next up: was to pack up pretty much everything they owned.
Somehow I fit it all into two duffel bags each.

Finally: Today was the day.
We made our way to Camp Winshape.

We settled Lauren in first.  Her home for the next two weeks is in the Chippewa "CABIN." Which is a beautiful large building about six or so large rooms each having their own bathroom.  In her room she has five other roommates and one counselor.  

We made up her bottom bunk bed, put her clothes away, checked out the bathroom and then Lauren broke down in tears.
She had been blinking back tears and nerves for awhile so I knew it would happen.
Matt and I thought it was best to quickly say our good-byes and let her get adjusted.

I quickly texted a friend who's daughter is in the same room and luckily she was able to snap a couple of pics for me.

She's already settled down and I know she's going to enjoy the summer of a lifetime.

Next stop was Tyler's "CABIN"
We got his bed made and put his clothes away.
He adjusted quickly.  In fact, he settled right in and was pretty much done with us.

It holds enough beds for FOURTEEN campers and FOUR counselors.

He's going to have a blast.

The ride home was QUIET.
We were missing some key components to the back-seat.

Although we miss the kiddos, we took advantage and went on a dinner date.
My Man.
(almost GQ, no?)

Here's to lifetime memories!