Saturday, July 20, 2013

Letter from Lauren!!

 The mail came late today.
Somehow I just knew there had to be a letter from Lauren.
So of course, the mail came late.
When I heard the mail truck drive by I ran out there and scooped up not one but three letters from Camp Winshape.  Her counselor sent one, Lauren sent a quick postcard, but she also sent an in-depth card which I'm excited to share.

"To Momma
Yesterday night we went camping but it wasn't fun because it was 10:40 it started to Thunder and Lightening and it was very dark so we got our sleeping bags and it was pitch black and it took a long time to get to the cabin. The End.
Look on the back
From Lauren"
(Yikes, sounds like it was a scary camp out experience.)

(we had asked her some questions in an e-mail and she is answering some of them)
It is not easy to sleep in the room.
The camp counselor stays in the our room.
Every meal we have to drink a whole cup of water to get seconds and dessert.  I only cried about 10 times."
(we did not ask her how many times she cried, she voluntarily gave up that information)

Regardless of the 10 crying sessions and the scary camp-out I think my sweet sensitive girl is having a good time.
I believe I can see a smile in the picture below.
Can you spot her?

Today at home we put away Tyler's loot from camp...

he caught up on some screen-time...

and I harvested some tomatoes from my garden.
Apparently I only planted grape tomatoes with one growing rogue.

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