Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm not ready for this!

Lauren and I just started reading a new book.  I'm not sure I'm ready to read it though.
(I had this book for awhile now but didn't think I'd actually pull it out until after her 9th birthday.)  The Care and Keeping of You is a book that talks about all things PUBERTY minus any S-E-X talk.  It seems perfect (I guess) for our conversations about what is to come.

Earlier this evening she was reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth (book #5) when I heard her put her book down and ask her dad, "What is a pimple?"  After I heard him stumble through a response I then heard myself offer to read her a book that talks about pimples and all that good stuff about growing up.  (The book I wasn't going to read to her until she turned 9.)

So we went upstairs to my bedroom and read the first few pages before it was time for bed.  She was enthralled.  She can't wait to read more and even asked to read some before school in the morning.  I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

Hopefully she'll feel she can talk to me about any questions she has and we can figure out the answers together.

I'm not ready for this but Here We Go!

Fun with Chloe

In addition to having some Fun with Chloe
we've been enjoying some Yarn Crafts.

God's Eye popsicle stick crosses
Fork Weaving Pom Poms

(Did you happen to see that recent Sports Illustrated magazine with my Oregon Ducks on the cover?!!!)

Lauren and I each made a Pom Pom or two.
I tied mine to a pen and she tied hers to a crafting stick.
Then she added some shakes of catnip and let Chloe go crazy.

Another day Lauren and I were playing Barbies.
Chloe decided she wanted to play too so she made herself at home.

Even after we evicted her she didn't go far.
(Doesn't Lauren look so old in this picture?)

Today we topped it all with the "Cat Olympics."
The kids built a fortress for Chloe and then lured her inside with a packet of catnip.

They all cracked up while Chloe did her catnip dance.

It was all great fun until Chloe decided she was DONE.
She busted out and ran upstairs, not to be seen again
....until she wants to.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly Menu 9-24-2012

(all recipes from the October 2012 issue of Real Simple magazine)

Monday:  Beef and Mushroom Ragu with Pappardelle (Easy and delicious, I served the ragu over random pasta I found in my pantry.  I will make this again.)

Tuesday:  Roasted Salmon, Broccoli, and Potatoes with Miso Sauce  (found the white Miso at the Oriental Marketplace since Publix didn't have it)
Wednesday:  Chicken and Rice with Peas
Thursday:  left-overs or pantry meal
Friday:  Red Lentil Curry and flat bread
Saturday:  Beef and Bean Enchiladas with Sauteed Zucchini
Sunday:  left-overs or pantry meal

Monday, September 24, 2012

In the Swing of It

We are enjoying us some Fall Softball.

Lauren is once again playing for the Falcons and she is loving it.
(I'm so happy she is finally loving softball!)

She's swinging harder and faster than last season (also her first season.)

And she's totally working my old softball glove from my old position.
(we love us some Right Field!)

Huddle Up Falcons!

It's a lot of fun to watch these girls play ball.

It's also a lot of fun to hang out with Tyler lately.  He's been such a great source of blog (and Facebook) material.

After every softball game us parents take turns bringing a snack.  We usually bring extra for the siblings as well.  After the game today Tyler asked me if he could get a snack.  I told him sure but he needed to wait until all the girls got their snack then he could politely ask if there were any left-overs.  He said okay and then ran off.

A couple minutes later Matt asked me where Tyler was.  I told him he was getting a snack but when we looked we couldn't find him ANYWHERE!  He was nowhere near our snacks.  I then started going back over his words.  "Momma, can I go get a snack?"  I then jumped to all sorts of crazy explanations like maybe some creepy stranger asked if he wanted a snack and he then asked me and I said he could.  But right before I really started to freak out he came skipping out from the other team's dugout with a juice box and snack in hand.  My sweet talking, clever and totally unaware boy actually went to the opposing team and managed to get a snack from them.

I think he might have a little bit of Pure Awesome inside him.

(When he realized what he did he became embarrassed and teared up.  He said he didn't want me to tell anyone.  So don't say it was me who told you.)  =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekly Menu 9/17/12

Monday:  Rice Noodles with Chicken & Lime  (I thought it was good, Matt wasn't too impressed and Lauren wanted to know what that awful smell was in the kitchen.)  
Tuesday:  Vegetable Turnovers & steamed red potatoes & sliced apples  (everyone loved the veggie turnovers!  easy and yummy...I'll make them again.)
Wednesday:  Chicken Piccata & Cauliflower Rice & garlic toast  (The Chicken Piccata was awesome and the Cauliflower Rice surprisingly went over very well.  I won't say it's a direct substitute for rice but if you add butter and salt I think it tastes just fine.  Lauren ate all of hers and Tyler had no problem taking a few bites.  Riced Cauliflower just may make a repeat performance in our house.)
Friday:  Dixieland Pork Chops, boxed Mac and Cheese (requested by Tyler,) apple slices
Saturday:  Boy Scout Camp-out (wish us luck!)
Sunday:  pantry meal or left-overs

It doesn't feel right to only post a Weekly Menu.  I think I'll feel better once I post a photo.

Chloe the Cat
finding some refuge since her living room was torn apart while I was shampooing the carpet.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fun Run 2012

Every year Tyler and Lauren's Elementary School hosts a Fun Run as a way to promote exercise and also raise money for the school.

The children ask family members et. al. to sponsor them while they run laps.
Tyler and Lauren ended up running $5.50 laps!!  
Go Go Go!

Tyler and the other Pre-K - 2nd graders went first.

Pre-K and K ran on one track but
Tyler ran with the bigger kids (1st  & 2nd graders) on the other track.

Piece of cake, I got this!
(He ran 28 laps = $154 for his school)

Next up were the 3rd through 5th Graders.
The 5th Graders had their own track but the 3rd and 4th graders ran together.
Lauren did awesome!!

She ran with a friend of hers (in the black headband) and really seemed to enjoy herself.

She ran her heart out and had a smile on her face the whole time.
(31 laps = $170.50)

Together and with the support of their family they earned about $325 for their school.
Thank you family!

All that running, however, took it's toll on Tyler.
I got a call from the school nurse later that afternoon saying Tyler threw up in the lunch room and I needed to come take him home.

Back home he rested on the sofa.
Other than a sore throat and a low grade fever (99.2) he was just fine all weekend. 
It's back to school tomorrow.

Greek Day

Every year the 3rd Graders get to celebrate Greek Day.
In conversation with Lauren's teacher I found out 3rd grade is a tough transitional year.  It's the year they start getting letter grades and also the start of state standardized testing.  I guess school gets real this year.  The teachers like to give them a fun Greek day to help in the transition.

They get to dress up in in Greek costumes and do all things Greek.

They spent all week learning about Ancient Greek society and Greek Mythology.
They also did plenty of Greek arts and crafts
including "frescoes"

Outside they took part in an Ancient Greek Olympics which included:  javelin, foot races, shot put & chariot races.

I didn't get a picture of any of that but I did get a picture of my Greek Goddess while waiting her turn.

Lauren's class dressed in Greek

I bet you can guess what Lauren is going to be for Halloween!
(see the above pictures if you aren't sure)

Tyler already has his costume picked out.
It was based on the following:

Pikachu comes to life.

"How many minutes until Halloween?"

And of course, what is a post (of late) if it doesn't include a little Minecraft?

When their screen time runs out they can make(/Daddy can make) their own minecraft characters and play to their heart's delight.

"Steve" holding a "cake"

top to bottom:
"red stone"

Go "here" or "here" to make your own.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

early Christmas Wish Lists

I do not have permission to post their lists yet
(I'm not even supposed to look at them.)
but I thought I would anyway.
(don't tell!)
I think it's cute and I assume you all need ample time to Christmas shop for my sweet children.  =)

(all of which came from the American Girl Doll magazines, July and September 2012)

(Minecraft and only Minecraft) 
 (I will attempt to transcribe.)

Wish List
Minecraft Lego

Minecraft and Full diamond armor.

Minecraft - a chest. atnt???

Minecraft - a bow and arrow

Minecraft and - a enchanted sword.

Let the shopping begin.  (Good luck with Tyler's stuff!)  =)

Weekly Menu 9/4/2012

Monday:  Labor Day (cheese and bacon quesadillas)
Tuesday:  Tofu with Jalapenos and Tomatoes, brown rice & Texas Toast
Matt took one look at the tofu on his dish and wrinkled his nose but after he tried it he really liked it.  The kids (since they have no preconceived ideas against tofu) LOVED it!
Wednesday:  Tex-Mex Chicken Tacos - from the September/October 2012 issue of Weight Watches magazine (WW is so top secret they have people scouring the internet to take down any postings of their recipes.) & Fiesta Lime Rice
Thursday:  left-overs or pantry meal
FridayRoasted Salmon with Lime and Cilantro & Soy Cilantro Roasted Potatoes
Saturday:  Chipotle Chicken Chili with Rice (from the Publix magazine but I can't find it on-line) & corn bread
Sunday:  left-overs or pantry meal

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lakeside Labor Day

We spent Labor Day at Tellico Lake in Loudon, Tennessee.
Our friend Dave (Troy's Dad) invited us to his parent's house for the holiday.
Their house is amazing and Right On The Lake.

(their house as seen by the lake)

We spent our time swimming and sliding by the dock...

...taking the boat for a spin...

(awesome boat hair!)

...swimming in the middle of the lake...

 ...jet-skiing with Daddy...

(look close: Daddy, Lauren & Tyler!)

 ...and hanging on for dear life behind the boat.
This was the first time L and T went tubing.  They did fine but I was a mess.  My babies (who hold my beating heart) were way out of arm's reach.  I can't even explain how nervous I felt knowing that if they were to fly off I wouldn't be able to catch them.  I kept an awesome smile on my face for their sake but I was grasping for them on the inside.  
Typical Mother, right?

Tyler woke up on Sunday looking like this...

...but looked like this by the afternoon.
(How appropriate that ninja Lauren is in the background;
Tyler claims his sister kicked his other tooth out.)

the ever-changing smile of my 6-year-old boy

Well, I'm sure you were wondering and let me ease your mind.
Yes, they did find plenty of time to play Minecraft.  They even got Troy playing Minecraft.
(sorry Dave)

(playing in the super spacious basement on the poker table)

(playing on the basement stairs leading to the main floor)

We had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and our hosts were absolutely the best.  I can't believe I didn't think to get a picture with them.  They were so gracious that I'd like to claim them as L and T's adoptive nearby grandparents.  
They said to come back anytime so I'll just assume they're fine with that.

I hope y'all had an enjoyable labor-free Labor Day and best wishes to everyone who heads back to school/work this week.