Sunday, September 16, 2012

Greek Day

Every year the 3rd Graders get to celebrate Greek Day.
In conversation with Lauren's teacher I found out 3rd grade is a tough transitional year.  It's the year they start getting letter grades and also the start of state standardized testing.  I guess school gets real this year.  The teachers like to give them a fun Greek day to help in the transition.

They get to dress up in in Greek costumes and do all things Greek.

They spent all week learning about Ancient Greek society and Greek Mythology.
They also did plenty of Greek arts and crafts
including "frescoes"

Outside they took part in an Ancient Greek Olympics which included:  javelin, foot races, shot put & chariot races.

I didn't get a picture of any of that but I did get a picture of my Greek Goddess while waiting her turn.

Lauren's class dressed in Greek

I bet you can guess what Lauren is going to be for Halloween!
(see the above pictures if you aren't sure)

Tyler already has his costume picked out.
It was based on the following:

Pikachu comes to life.

"How many minutes until Halloween?"

And of course, what is a post (of late) if it doesn't include a little Minecraft?

When their screen time runs out they can make(/Daddy can make) their own minecraft characters and play to their heart's delight.

"Steve" holding a "cake"

top to bottom:
"red stone"

Go "here" or "here" to make your own.

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Ellen said...

Pretty sure the minecraft crafts are in Jared's near future. He is pretty impressed with the pictures. :0