Thursday, July 12, 2012

So Long, Farewell

Auf Wiedersehen, good-bye.

Our good friends Dave and Susan just moved away 
and now two more family friends are up and leaving.

The moving vans just pulled out of Emma's house (our next door neighbor.)
Her and her family have been wonderful neighbors and a godsend at times.
(Emma's Mom is an exceptionally talented nurse and has come to our rescue many, many times.)

They were our first friends when we moved to Georgia.

Look at those babies!!

Shep and Emma celebrated Lauren's 2nd birthday with us.
(I was still pregnant with Tyler.)

I'm sad they are leaving our neighborhood but at least they are not going far.
Lauren and Emma will still go to the same school.

While the moving vans were loading we got to spend the day with Emma.
(They still look about the same don't they?!)

Heart made with fingers = Good friends for life.

We also said FAREWELL to Teddy and his family.
They are moving to Indiana and Teddy requested a spectacular Going Away Party!
It did not disappoint.

There was pizza, cake, an epic water fight (which I didn't dare bring my camera into the midst) and
Face Painting!
Tyler went first.


Lauren's turn

Lauren the Puppy

Little Nick was in awe of the "pretty puppy."

Karlie and Tyler made their own goody bags.

Finally, they all settled down to take the group shot.
What a good looking group.

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight
 I wish all our friends the best in their next adventures.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Movie Night

Lights.  Camera.  Action.
Tonight's Feature Film is...

Lauren, Tera and the bitty twins (Lilly and Ethan) are in attendance
(We are all about American Girl Dolls in this house...just look at the coffee table.)

as well as an anonymous boy hiding behind his blanket.

I'd write more but I've heard so much about these Kitt books that I want to watch the movie as well.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home Town 4th of July, 2012

We had a great time celebrating America's 236th birthday at home this year.  However, it did feel a bit odd since we are usually out of town for the holiday.
(I'm talking 10+ years of being out of town for the 4th!)
Check it out.

Garden Valley, Idaho (no helmet law)
(my fiance/almost husband and I both lived in Eugene, OR)

Crouch, Idaho
(my husband of one year and I lived off of Barger in Eugene, OR)

Lake Tahoe, Nevada
(I'm pregnant but do not know it...still living in Eugene, OR.)

Uncle Steve & Aunt Carol's house 
Eagle, Idaho
(baby Lauren, Matt and I still live in Eugene, OR)

MeMa & PaPa's house 
Garden Valley, Idaho
(we call Newberg, Oregon home now...but not for long)
(also I'm pregnant again but do not know it yet)

Garden Valley, Idaho
(baby Tyler, 2 yr. old Lauren, Matt, and I now (and still) reside in a suburb of Atlanta)

suburb of Atlanta
Wait!  That's my living room.  I guess we were home for one 4th of July in the last 10 years.
(how cute are L and T?!)

Garden Valley, ID
(Tyler, MeMa, PaPa & Lauren)

Miramar Beach, Florida with Uncle Brian!

Boise, Idaho
(cousin Madison, Tyler, and Lauren)

Horseshoe Bend, Idaho

Hometown Holiday
We started off our day by watching the local parade
and pretending to be Chick-Fil-A cows.
"Eat mor chikin."

We have great friends!

lots of people and golf carts flanked the parade route

 You'll have to take my word that we saw a parade because we didn't take any pictures.
It was obviously fun and exhausting because Tyler and Daddy took a midday nap.

 Late afternoon we met up with our friends again to watch the fireworks.

Pizza and soda for dinner

and balloons for dessert.

Tyler learned how to blow up a balloon.

And he went a little crazy.

My friend (former friend?) had the nerve to post an unedited version of the picture below on her facebook page.  She called it:
"Random Rednecks"
This picture actually cracks me up so maybe I won't "unfriend" her after all.

Hanging out with FlagMan
(Tyler chose not to participate in the picture)


It was definitely a fun Fourth of July but it still felt like something was missing.
(like family!)
I wonder where we'll be July 4, 2013?!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boys Night at the Braves

Last week was Tyler's date night with Daddy.
Although they didn't make it to the end of the game to see the 4th of July fireworks they sure did enjoy themselves.

Daddy and Tyler with a pretzel

Tyler with popcorn.

Tyler enjoying some free water right out of the Atlanta sky.

 The highlight of the game was snagging a foul ball.
(Tyler didn't actually catch it but an awesome fan caught it and gave it to him.)

Such fun.
(When is it my turn for a Braves game with Daddy?)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

It Don't Stink

Apparently I have no filter when it comes to my blog.  Today we are talking about our Septic Tank.  For you inner city folk please disregard this post, you don't need to know about no Septic Tanks.

For the rest of you go ahead and get it pumped before we did.

Our house was built in 2004 and we moved in October of 2005.
July 3, 2012 (7 years later) we decided it might be time to have it pumped.

We were quoted $300 but upon discovery (of stuff I won't mention) the price went up to $575.
Mr. Septic Tank Pumper suggested we have it pumped every 4 years as recommended.

I told him "fine" but had him answer one question for me.
I asked him to clarify my assumption that our *stuff* doesn't smell as bad as most people's.

And he smiled at me.
I believe it was a knowing and affirmative smile.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Menu 7-1-2012

Sunday:  Beef Pozole, salad, chips, salsa, applesauce
(notes:  instead of Beef Shank, which my local Kroger didn't carry, I used Short Ribs and instead of "Mexican-style hominy" I just added a can of drained diced tomatoes to the regular yellow hominy, and I did not add the "pasilla-guajillo salsa."  This was Delish.)

Monday:    Shrimp and Chorizo in Garlic Sauce over rotini pasta, & salad
(notes:  I did not use 1 1/2 c. olive oil as called for!!  I added 2T. to start, per the directions, but then just added 1T. when it called for "the remaining oil."  Instead of serving on bread I served it over pasta.  A hit with the family as well as Big Tyler and Tera.)

Tuesday:  Spicy Macaroni and Cheese & corn (Daddy and Tyler to watch the Braves game)
Wednesday:  4th of July!  Parade, Partners Pizza & Fireworks.  Happy Birthday USA!
Thursday:  Skillet Chicken with Rhubarb and Onions (if I can find rhubarb - maybe Whole Foods?), fruit & green beans
Friday:  Bacon Cheeseburger Roll-up, oven fries & salad
Saturday:  Shredded Pork and Bean Panuchos with Pickled Habanero and Onions (Cochinita Pibil)
Sunday:  left-overs or pantry meal

Swimming at the "Y"

I was only going to post my Weekly Menu but...

I took this picture at swim lessons today and realized that we are already into our 2nd to last week of lessons and I haven't posted a picture yet.

Lauren and Tyler have lessons at the same time.  Lauren is in the Advanced Beginner class and Tyler is in the Beginner class.

They both start off their lessons with the same game.
"First You, Then Me"
First, the kids get to splash the teacher by kicking water at them.
Then, the teacher gets to splash the kids by KICKING water at them.
The first time they played this game was hilarious.
I don't think the kids realized they were about to be drenched.
It's a great way to get used to the water though.

The kids LOVE their swim lessons and I'm very impressed with the swim program at our local YMCA.

---How Cool is This?!---
I've been to the Y a thousand times but today I finally noticed that my name was on a block in the courtyard in front of the building.  I never paid to purchase a block so it may belong to another Christine with my same last name but what are the odds?!