Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacation 2010: Take Four 'point' Two

Semi-Annual Family Reunion
Halsey, Oregon

My cousin David took most of these pictures...he actually took close to five hundred thousand pictures but I'm only posting a small representation. He and his camera 'totally rock!'

I'm thrilled we were able to attend the Summer Family Reunion. Ever since I can remember my Dad's side of the family (the whole clan) has gotten together twice a year. (Christmas and 4th of July) I tell pulls at the heartstrings to live so far away from family.

my Mom and my Grandpa (my Dad's Dad)
aka Grammy and Great Grandpa Bob

Great Grandpa Bob and the date
(Tyler, Lauren, Hillary, Gramps, Thomas & Jared)

all of us, 2010

my Dad's branch of the tree
(Kevin, Mili, Grammy, Brian, Matt, ME
Lauren & Tyler)

my branch
Matt, Christine, Lauren & Tyler

Great Grandpa Bob with his kiddos
(my Aunt Carol, Uncle Ken, Grandpa, Uncle Richie, Aunt Karen)
we all miss my Dad!

Every Summer get-together we have a Horseshoe and also a Pool Tournament.

Here I am schooling my cousin David on how to win a horseshoe match/game/whatever it's called. Yes, my thumbs are taped...that's how the pros do it!

My gorgeous husband actually made it to the final round of Horseshoes...unfortunately, he lost to my brother Kevin.
My absolutely breathtaking husband ALSO lost in the championship game of Pool....this time to my cousin Danny. Next year he's due to win!

A highlight of the party was the unexpected Bee's Nest. One of these two men in the picture below is smart. He would not be my Uncle Richie in the black shirt!
check out that Bee's Nest!
Keep watching for more Oregon adventures in the near future.

Vacation 2010: Take Four 'point' One

And we're off to Oregon!

We borrowed Grandpa Michael's car and headed due West from Boise, Idaho to Springfield, Oregon. (Thanks so much G'pa for lending us your vehicle! It was beyond generous.)

Unfortunately, the kiddos did not! do this the entire eight hours.
They sure look like sweethearts here!

If you've ever driven from Boise, Idaho to Springfield, Oregon you know most of the first 6 hours are AWWWful but the last two from Bend to Springfield are BEA-U-ti-ful. Oh how I've missed real mountains.

After two stops for gas, three or four to "tee tee" and one for lunch we arrived at Grammy's house.
She had a warm dinner waiting for us and a pantry full of kid snacks.
(those are skittles inside the containers)

The next day we stopped by GG's house to finally meet Mr. Buddy, the "d-o-g," and spend some time with my Grams (G.randma G.reat)

And then it was back to Grammy's house to get ready for the 4th of July cul-de-sac extravaganza.

Uncle Monkey (my brother Kevin) and Tyler hang out thinking about footballs.

They end up, however, playing with a soccer ball.
Meanwhile well, Lauren.

Finally, the West Coast sun went down and we set up camp.
Tia Mili, Grammy, ME, Tyler, Lauren & Uncle Brian

lighting the "big one"

We were definitely the talk of the cul-de-sac! (wink)
Aunt Tia Mili is speechless at the amazing display of fireworks!

Hope y'all had a fantastic 4th of July. We'll be hanging out in Oregon for the next week. Be back soon.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

he's a big boy now

The other day I convinced Matt it was time Tyler traded his toddler bed in for a 'big boy bed.' Seconds after getting the OK, I loaded up the family and we sped to Rooms to Go Kids to take advantage of their current sale.

We found our boy the bed of his dreams. (he picked it out himself.)

Here he is snuggling with his new bedding.

I had to buy duplicate bedding...(thank goodness they were on sale AND I had a coupon...)
...because the boy chose himself a loft-style bunk-bed. Although the stinky and rushed Rooms-to-Go delivery crew set up the bed, Matt had to completely rearrange it to make it work in Tyler's bedroom.Mission Accomplished.
Lauren models the top bunk. For the past two nights both L and T have slept in Tyler's bedroom taking turns on the top bunk.
And for those of you who have seen his room and have an is what the rest of it looks like. (Keep in mind I haven't finished decorating it yet.)

Enough of that! Let's move on to dinner. Mediterranean Pizza!

I didn't have a pre-baked pizza crust so I made my own from this recipe.
I'm a bit of a messy cook....
but the end product is usually delicious.
Matt and I loved it and Lauren and Tyler both ate an entire piece as did a couple of their friends.

Soon I'll be done procrastinating and will post about our Oregon Vacation.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation 2010: Take Three

Garden Valley, Idaho
We got to spend one night at MeMa and PaPa's house in Garden Valley before we continued our multi-state vacation. We had tons and tons of fun.

cousin Jake and Tyler on the back deck

4 Wheeler rides were promised...but they had to be washed down first.
clockwise starting at 9 o'clock
Tyler, Daddy, Lauren, cousin Dante, Uncle Pete

Lauren and Dante do some serious scrubbing.

Finally, it's time to ride!
PaPa and Lauren

Daddy and Tyler

As the sun set over the beautiful Garden Valley, the cousins made the most of it.
Front Yard Tag and Tackle!!

We LOVE MeMa and PaPa's house!

See you Oregon!

Vacation 2010: Take Two

The Rest of the Best of Boise, Idaho.

our family plus one sweet Madison
(she sure loves her Auntie!)

I couldn't post about Boise without featuring my nephew/L and T's cousin Crisstopher.
sweet boy!

the whole clan at Donnie Mac's
clockwise starting at 7 o'clock
Lauren, Madison, Tyler's head, Uncle Todd, Aunt Jennifer, Grandpa Michael, baby Crisstopher, Grandma Jan, Me and Daddy Matt.

Tyler and Rachett just chillin'

slumber party at Grandma and Grandpa's
Madison, Lauren and Tyler
(they played musical sleeping bags all fun fun)

too cute, I had to post
-major cousin love here-

Lauren and I brave the big yellow kiddie slide.
(spoiler alert: the girl below gets pummeled by myself and sweet Lauren...So Sorry!)

Daddy and Tyler hang out in the wave pool.
(before security reminds them it's only one person per tube)

Grandpa and Madison enjoy the lazy river.

fun in the sun
Tyler, Daddy, Madison, Grandpa, Lauren and Christine

The water park was awesome. The kids had a great time and so did the adults.
Grandpa Michael and Matt got their adrenaline going on the adult rides and I was quite content to watch them and take pictures.
See you in Garden Valley, Idaho.