Sunday, September 26, 2010

these whippersnappers and their technology

Saturday morning we all rocked out to our individual electronic distractions. Matt was at the computer, I caught up with the DVR and Lauren and Tyler confiscated our Ipods. Lauren watched a movie and Tyler listened to music.

"see Mama, it's 'The Incredibles'"

next song
Once we unplugged our electronic devices we headed out to Tyler's soccer game. Matt who is the assistant coach was the head coach today because the real head coach was doing something called a 70.3. Sounds nerdy and weak to me but what do I know. (*wink at you Dave. Seriously, Huge Congrats!)

Tyler (in shades) chills with his teammates Hudson and Madasyn before the game.
Lauren is in the background.
A couple stories from the game:

1. The game was pretty chaotic (but fun!) and Tyler managed to score a goal. His only goal of the game. After he scored he shot both hands straight into the air and yelled "GOOOAAAAALLLLL." If a kid from the other team had scored and celebrated for THAT long I may have been irritated. But this was my kid and I was all sorts of proud! Way to go Tyler! After he scored, and celebrated, he earned bonus "favorite son" points by yelling in my direction, "Mama, I scored a GOAL!" I Love that kid!

2. Saturday was the Boise State v. Oregon State football game. Matt and Lauren wore their Boise State t-shirts to the soccer game. I'm pretty sure mine was dirty so I wore my Oregon Duck t-shirt. After the game I noticed a man approaching us from a couple of fields over. When he arrived he asked Matt and I where we were going to watch the game. Turns out he was an OSU alumn relocated to Georgia. (small world, no?!) He also told Matt that he could not talk to me because he was a Beaver fan and I was wearing a Duck's clothing. I told him that I could not bring myself (down) to wear Orange and Black but I could possibly be happy if an Oregon team won. It was a fun happenstance conversation.

As we all know Boise State came away with the much deserved win. Matt and I actually stayed up late enough to watch the entire game.

It was a great weekend. We had a fun Sunday as well with church, friends, football, shopping (me) and working out (me, again.) Monday is going to be here all too soon so I better go get myself prepared.
G'Night Y'all.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pizza Party

While Lauren and Tyler watch Alice and Wonderland (the 1999 version) via-Netflix-via-the-Wii and while Matt watches the Oregon State v. Boise State pre-game show I thought I'd blog about Tyler's Pizza Party he took with his school.

But before I get to the Pizza Party, let me tell you about a fun conversation I had with Lauren the other day.

The other day...
Lauren was setting up a new profile on the Wii. It asked her for a nickname and she asked me what her nickname was. I told her I didn't give her a nickname yet but if she wanted one we could call her "Laurie" or "L." She nixed both my choices but asked me how to spell "LAR-en" I've blogged about this before but "LAR-en" is the Southern pronunciation of "Lauren" (LOR-en.) A lot of her teachers, friends, friends' moms call her "LAR-en" and I think she's getting used to it. However, just for the record I'm partial to "LOR-en."

Thursday, Tyler had his school field trip to Partner's Pizza. It was a beautiful day so we took advantage of the lingering 90 degree weather and walked to the pizza parlor.

Tyler sat with good friends Ian and Aiden.

Mr. Johnny taught them all about pizza dough. He even got two pizza dough(s?) stuck in the rafters after tossing them too high.
He scored many, MANY points with the Pre-K-ers by doing that!

More than one parent said Tyler looked just like me.
Ain't he cute?
He does favor his Mama, no?!

The children got to make their own pizza, tour the kitchen while the pizza baked, and then got to eat their creation.
It was a fun afternoon. It was even more fun since I didn't have to come home and serve lunch.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Same but Different

I love my children. I love them the Same. While pregnant with Tyler I questioned (as I'm sure most second time pregnant mothers do) whether I could love another child as much as my first. Tyler proved that I can. I'm sure I could have loved even more children if it were meant to be...but I digress.

I love my children.
Tyler tries on his Halloween costume.
Can you guess who?

He dressed himself today and was pretty darn proud of himself.

Lauren wanted braids like classmate Jaylen's
(his were, I'm sure, professionally done but I did my best
in the 20 minutes before bedtime)

(as of this evening she will be sporting them at school tomorrow)
I LOVE her toothy smile.
(Three teeth should be growing in on top but I only see room enough for the two.)
I love my children the Same and I'm pretty sure Matt and I have raised them the Same. They came from the Same womb, Same parents and Same parenting style. However, they are Different in so many ways. Could it be that Lauren is a West Coast gal (born in Oregon) and Tyler is a Southern boy (born in Georgia?)

Lauren is bright, creative, contemplative, both outgoing and very shy, and her and I butt heads like crazy. Is it because we are similar? We are both easily irritated, easily hurt but also easily excited.

And Tyler. He's so laid back. He wants to make everyone happy. He likes to be included but he's perfectly happy just doing his own thing as well. He's competitive but he isn't bothered if he doesn't win all the time. Tyler reminds me of Matt....however, they don't butt heads. That might be due to their personality style.

What got me thinking of all this was Tyler. Yesterday I raised my voice to him and he immediately said to me, "Mommy, can I give you a hug?" (Sweet sweet boy...but naughty boy at the same time...I was conflicted.) And then today I told Tyler to get his PJs on and he didn't listen. I then used my 'I mean it' voice and told him again and he immediately said, "I'm sorry, let's have a hug." Bless his little heart. I told Matt about these experiences and he said, "It's amazing how Different they are."

He's so right. When I raise my voice to Lauren she immediately takes offense and huffs and puffs on the good days. On the bad days she informs me that "you (I) don't know much about life."

These children who are loved the same, reared the same, created the same are so so different. And I think their differences make me love them individually even more.

P.ost S.cript experiment:
Let's see if I can get spammer "Jane" to comment again by using the code phrase "sore throat."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

A lot of pictures
Not many words
(or so I'll try)

Almost every school day Tyler requests I take a picture of him in various poses while waiting in the drop-off line.
"the 'overwhelmed' with blanket pose"

"the bad a** Pre-K pose"
a.k.a. "the I can't get my shoe unstuck but I'll try to make it a good picture anyway pose"

Artwork by Lauren
black, yellow, peach, blue, and PURPLE
(it's huge and I think she used all the blue and PURPLE)

Friday Night
date night
the favorite "new baby-sitter"

"Go Ducks!"

I'm going to have to pay this girl extra for art lessons. Isn't she awesome?!

Saturday Soccer
Tyler got his first uniform with a NUMBER!!He was so excited to get his uniform that he forgot to be upset that he couldn't play in his first game.
He woke up SICK. (100 degree temp, sore throat, barking cough, no voice...croup is going around...oh my!)
(update: today, Sunday, he has no fever but his voice still sounds very weak)

Saturday Afternoon
-the girl next door-
We love our Emma

Emma and Lauren

Why play inside when you can bring all the toys outside.

Lauren and Emma
sweet sweet girls
(they remind me of my friendship with my childhood best friend)

Sunday = All Day Long Football for the Grown-Ups
Sunday = All Day Long Fun with Friends

Tyler and Troy

Emma and Lauren
As you can tell by the pictures it was a great weekend for all.
The kiddos are in bed and there's no one else to photograph so this brings an end to the Weekend in Pictures.
Night Y'all.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How to save One Hundred Bucks (or so)

**Make your own bean bag chair.

No y'all, I didn't make it. I asked for a sewing machine a few years back and my darling husband bought me one. However, he (the darling husband) is the only one who's learned to use it so far. (I seem to have a learning curve aversion. If I'm not sure a project is going to turn out perfect than I don't even want to start it. (lame, restrictive...yeah I know!))

So my DH made his own bean bag chair for the basement. He bought the fabric, the liner, the zippers, the thread, the bean-popcorn-whatever filling, and with my amazing (foreign to me) sewing machine he sewed the darn thing together.

Our favorite son was in charge of testing the durability of the bean bag.

it's comfy

it withstands "Tyler-force-trauma"

and it provides adequate stability for an Oregon Duck "O"

it also accommodates a Mr. Mike, Tera, big Tyler and little Tyler
at the same time
Awesome job Matt!
My DH is one amazing guy...hands down.

Another way to save One Hundred Bucks (or so) is to

**Cook most of your dinners at home.

Here's my weekly menu to give you a head start if you so desire.

Monday: Pasta Fagioli (minus the sausage) & sauteed asparagus
Tuesday: Tomato-and-Spinach-Stuffed Chicken Roulade
Wednesday: Caprese Pasta and biscuits
Thursday: Curry Chicken and Green Beans and Rice *have to register
Friday: Bierocks & green salad
Saturday: KFC Coleslaw (for the Fall Festival)
Sunday: Kung Pao Steak & Vegetables *have to register

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Fantastic Friday started off like any other school day. Lauren got on the school bus and a couple hours later I brought Tyler to his school. He, as usual, monkeyed around until the teacher got him out of the vehicle.

(While Tyler was at school I ran/walked around Lake Peachtree twice....all 7 miles...FaNtAsTiC!)

After school our Fantastic Friday really took off. Lauren and Tyler went to a birthday party at Jump 2 It. They spent an hour and a half jumping and bouncing and sliding and acting crazy.

Even when it was time for pizza and cake they were still crazy with excitement.
totally crazy!

I think Tyler just wants the cake.

The birthday girl in bows and all sorts of adorable.

the entire birthday party crew
Birthday Girl's Momma is SO brave!

Delaney and Lauren
(ballet and Mom's club friends)



Fantastic Friday!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?!

(two new posts from today below)

Are You Ready for Some Football?!

I'm not sure I am. I was going to watch the Vikings and the Saints (go Vikings btw) in Matt's mancave (our basement) but Matt decided to host a poker game. I'll stay upstairs instead, where it smells better (stinky boys.)

Earlier today Jake and Dylan came over to play.
Everyone got crazy with the homemade play-dough.

When Matt got home they got crazy with him as well. He launched them down the hill on boogy boards.

total (lawn) surfer boy
While Matt threw the kids down the hill I made dinner. We had Chicken Wraps with Balsam-melized Red Onions from the $5 Dinners website. (She's in my Google reader and should be in yours!)

The balsamic red onions totally made the dish. Next time I will leave out the cheese. We just didn't need it.

the kid's plate
half a wrap, edamame, grapes and strawbs

the grown-ups
Dinner was simply wonderful...just like my day. I love being able to stay home and raise (rear for the English majors) my children. Our days are always simply wonderful.

Go Vikings!
I'm off to watch Big Brother though.