Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We certainly enjoyed a delicious meal with our little family of four. I am so grateful for my family and all we are blessed with. Here is your special invitation to reminisce with me our Thanksgiving dinner. (most recipes are from the Oct/Nov issue of Taste of Home Magazine)

The turkey breast (we didn't need a whole bird) grilling on the charcoal grill.
We were going to use the smoker but it wouldn't fire and we were two hours to meal time.
The picture isn't that great but it's the best one I have that does not have the garbage can in it.
How appetizing would it be to see a turkey breast being grilled 10 inches from the can.
oops I've said too much

Lauren is patiently waiting to eat so let us get on with the dishes.

I think you need a membership in order to access the recipe...
(Christine whispers: "e-mail me")
un-peeled! mashed potatoes with milk, cream, garlic salt & pepper
no recipe necessary
(that's Lauren's hand, not Vanna's)
(although the website gave it 5/5 stars...we threw the leftovers away, hmmm)
Gravy (from a packet)
Carrot and Celery sticks
Grandma Anna's Baked Corn Casserole
(based on this recipe)
I'm not a fan of cranberry sauce so was very pleased to find this substitution. This recipe has been added to our Traditional Thanksgiving Meal folder.
The crock pot contains the "Everything" Stuffing
This will also be a regular as it was delicious with Italian sausage, mushrooms, apples, celery and onions.
A green salad was also included and enjoyed by only Lauren and I.
Lauren is now seriously ready to eat so let's finish this up!
I think the eyes say it all.
(either "Take the Picture NOW!" or "Wow, this Food is A-mazing")
If he's smart he meant the latter.

oh and don't let me forget
For dessert I made
this pic is before I used the Coleman propane tank to scorch a tablespoon of sugar on the top.
(hey, not everyone has (nor needs) a creme brulee torch)
Buen Provecho, Bon Appetit,
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

fun at home

It's Thanksgiving Break this week. No school, no ballet, no soccer practice... all week long. The kids wake up at 7:00am but Matt and I get to sleep in until 8:00. At night I set the TV to the Disney channel (ch. 39) and when the kiddos wake up they go downstairs by themselves and turn on the TV. Showing them how to turn on the TV has saved me hours of sleep and counting. I'm willing to give up my Parent of the Year Award in order to sleep in that extra hour.

We've spent a lot of time playing with friends this Thanksgiving Break. While waiting to go over to Lea's house yesterday, Tyler put on his "sad face."

Lauren requested a special hair-do before she went to Lea's house. She picked out the adornments and I simply added them to her hair. Pretty cute, No?!
And...if I do anything to Lauren then Tyler, of course, wants the same attention. So to be fair, I decorated his hair up to. Just don't tell him about this when he grows up. [wink]
Today (Wednesday) was a fun day filled with our playgroup friends and later Lea came over to play for the afternoon. At playgroup I asked Tyler if he was having fun and he told me that he was and he wanted " stay here for weeks."
I remind him that Lea was coming over in the afternoon so he reluctantly agreed to come home with me.
I didn't get any pictures of the kiddos playing this afternoon but they all had a great time. Lea was here and Jake and Dylan came over as well. They've all gotten to the age where they can play (for the most part) unsupervised...and they seem to play better when they are all together (as opposed to just Lauren and Tyler... <<>>)
For dinner I made "Seashell Hot Dog Bake." I've made this before (and if you know me I rarely repeat a recipe) but this seemed like an easy pre-Thanksgiving dinner. (One which I could count on the kids eating.)
Matt said Yumm numerous times it must be good. I served the Seashell Hot Dog Bake with a side salad and a glass of milk. (I've started to add the milk to Matt and My dinner's since we don't seem to get enough.)

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'ALL!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Electric Company

I'm on a roll tonight.... Why not go for one more post even if it's only to tell funny story?

So the other day I forced my children to watch an episode of The Electric Company which is back on PBS. (Hey, I needed a break to clean up after dinner.)

My only mistake was telling them that I used to watch it when I was a little girl. Lauren, without missing a beat, asked why I was making them watch "an old Momma show anyway?!!"

So sad that I'm already an "Old Momma"

However, 5 minutes into the show both Lauren and Tyler were glued to the TV. Lauren, eventually told me she loved it. Score one for the "old Momma."

Wheels of Fun

Lauren just recently figured out she could ride a bike.
I think Santa just may bring her a big girl bike for Christmas.
In the meantime she's really enjoying Tyler's.
Go Girl!
The neighbor's come over and enjoy the Wheels of Fun too.
They just can't contain their excitement.
(I love it!)
Tyler gets in on the wheeled action too. He found a new friend who also loves a good 4 wheeled vehicle.
He and Troy played all day with some sort of car and/or truck.
(notice: Tyler is sporting his Race Car driver outfit...he's that serious.)

Tyler's Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving Celebration
at First Baptist Church
(aka Tyler's 3-year-old preschool.)
my little pilgrim is the second from the left
aren't they cute?!!

It's time to enjoy the meal and celebrate the fact that we are free to worship as we like.
-after the blessing it's time to dig in-
Tyler tried a bite of everything
(as is the rule at our house)
turkey chunks, cheese, grapes, apples, corn bread, corn and cookies
He enjoyed the apple slices and corn bread the most
after the "bagel" cookies.
After the feast the children performed a "gobble gobble" song and dance.
Tyler chose NOT to participate.
(he is known to have a stubborn streak in him...from his father's side, of course)
Back home Tyler shared his hats and necklaces with Lauren.
Lauren requested I take this picture and send it to Tyler's teacher...
who was also her teacher when she was in three-year-old preschool.
She also requested I take this photo of her and her school outfit.
Her teacher in Kindergarten said she looked just like a little Indian (Native American) girl.
I suppose that may be true, however, she was given the cute sweater from her Tia (Aunt) Mili who sent it to her from Lima, Peru!
Hopefully I'll post before then but if not
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vacation Grammy 2009!!!

It was hard to say good-bye to my Mom (aka Grammy) after a very fun, almost two-week visit. Now, I'm struggling on how to document it on the blog. I think a categorical approach will work best.


We didn't just let Grammy come and hang out...we actually put her to work. Remember my new kitchen chairs?? Well, here is a picture of Chloe enjoying/getting her cat hair all over one. They go perfectly in my kitchen, by the way.
The next project was a picture board to match Lauren's bedroom colors. "We" bought a cork board, covered it with fabric, laced it with ribbon and secured it with colorful brads and a few stitches. (I say "WE" but my contribution ended after the buying the cork board part.) This turned out just adorable...and it only took about 2 hours start to finish. Way to go Mom!!

The third and final project was basket liners for Lauren's bedroom. I think her bedroom is now complete with her big girl decor.
Now don't think Grammy focused all her energy and expertise toward Lauren. We just haven't gotten Tyler a big boy bedroom set yet. He's still sleeping in his toddler bed with his crib bedding and decor. And this leads us into the next Category of Vacation Grammy.
Entertaining Tyler:
I took full advantage of Grammy's visit and got me some things done (like going through my Tivo'd shows.) In the mean time Tyler attached himself to Grammy and told her what he would like her to do with him.

He often rested up so he could approach her with full force. =)
They played upstairs and downstairs.
They played with Little People...
and Race Cars...
Tyler was in heaven to have Grammy here while Lauren was away at school all day.

Speaking of school, we got to join Lauren for her Thanksgiving Lunch put on by her elementary school. This brings us to our next Category in Vacation Grammy.

FOOD (& Entertainment)

I didn't get a picture of the Entertainment part but I did take my mom to the Fox Theatre to see "In The Heights" for her birthday. We both really liked the show and if you get a chance to see it...definitely Go!
Lauren's school hosted a Thanksgiving Lunch and invited parents and grandparents to come. Grammy and I got to eat a school lunch with Lauren in the cafeteria. Wow! It's been a long time since I ate cafeteria food. (and in conclusion, not long enough) Lauren enjoyed it though and that's all that mattered.

Neighbor Dana wanted to make my mom a special Southern meal while she was here. Who are we to refuse some yummy home cookin'? She made a delicious meal of Ribs, Collards, Pinto Beans, Slaw and Cornbread and of course Sweet Tea (which she even made un-sweet for my Mom and I.) Yumm!

We also took advantage of some unconventional (yet Southern?) cooking. "Rac(c)oon Fingers" Hog Jowls" "Squirrel Gravy" "(O)Possum Stew" etc. etc.
We found these unique dishes (& some normal food too) at The Rock Ranch in The Rock, GA. We went for the Pumpkin Destruction festivities.
And this brings us to the final Category in Vacation Grammy 2009.
Fun in the Sun:
Most days during Grammy's visit the temps were in the upper 70s (except for the two days it took Hurricane Ida to pass through.) We definitely took advantage of the gorgeous November sun.
Pumpkin Destruction Days.
We saw pumpkins launched from canons, dropped from airplanes and personally thrown down from the lifts (the correct name of the machine eludes me.)
The Rock Ranch has other activities other than Pumpkin Destruction. If you are in the area I highly recommend you check them out. The kids rode the Cow Train...
We walked through the Right Turn Only Maze and did so much more.
Back home we enjoyed the November sun by playing outside.
Lea and Lauren went for a ride in the Jeep.
Tyler took his Jeep for a spin.
And then we moved onto Southern Surfing. Boogie Boards + semi big hill in the yard = GOOD TIMES.
Shep and Emma joined the fun.
Tyler gets a running startjumps on the board
and Away He Goes

Vacation Grammy was a complete success. We miss her and can't wait to see her again.