Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the ifs, thens, and buts of a Super Bowl Party

So we’re hosting a Super Bowl party on Sunday. As far as I’m concerned this is a get together of Matt’s poker buddies and their families. Should be pretty simple right?! A bunch of dudes getting together to watch another bunch of dudes play football; while us gentler persuasion focus on the commercials and the quarterbacks (who look a lot like Matt don’t you think?)

Football and Commercials! No room for drama right? Wrong! Somehow our neighborhood has turned into The Hills. (I’m guessing this is the modern day semi-reality version of the classic Beverly Hills 90210.) Bobbie Jo and Jo Jo Bob won’t come if Ginger Mae and Bubba Mac are going to be there and Bo Luke won’t come if Tootsie is invited. And of course little Daisy Dee doesn’t want to subject herself to the foul mouth of Danny Boy. What does any of this have to do with ME? Why am I being told of all these ifs thens and buts. I don’t CARE. Seriously I DON’T CARE. The less people who come, the greater chance of me getting a seat on the sofa and tasting the clams and stuffed crab that Mr. Nelson promised to bring. I feel better now.

Oh and about the kids. They stayed in their pajamas all day. (It was pajama day at school) (it really was!)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a typical Tuesday

We started the day off today with Lauren and Tyler playing together. They play so well together that I wish I could record every moment because I know some day she won't want anything to do with him and yet he loves her so much. So today Lauren was cracking Tyler up. She would shout "pee pee, poo poo, tee tee". Tyler laughed and laughed. hmmm. Why is this funny? I don't (usually) try to make them smile with "dirty" words. I think it was Grammy who started this when she casually mentioned to Lauren that her (Grammy's) hair looked "poopy" one morning while explaining why she needed to shower. Lauren really latched on to that and we still hear about this often although Grammy's visit ended almost a week ago. Later today she was singing "ding dong, you're wrong" She’s learning great things at school but I think she's learning from kids who have older siblings at home. Any suggestions or should I just hope this passes?

Here Tyler is in heaven. He has his blanket and Dump truck all in one. Who could ask for anything more??

After I dropped Lauren off at 3 yr old preschool I went home and made some Dr. calls. I had put a posting out to the Mom's Club members in my area for suggestions on a dermatologist (so I could check out a funky mole,) for a family doctor (since I'm not thrilled with mine,) and for a pediatric dentist for Lauren since at almost 4 yrs old she hasn't seen one yet. I'm happy to say I made an appointment for L to see a thrice recommended dentist and me to see a family Dr. I'm going to make sure everything (namely the heart) is working as it should at my young age of 30. Having Dad die suddenly and way too early due to a heart attack makes me nervous and uneasy and subject to the occasional panic attack. So once and for all it's time to be reassured that my heart and everything else is functioning normally.

After the appointments were set up we left to pick Lauren up from school. I got to watch her play (read: sit with her teachers on the playgrou
nd since she seems to be reluctant to play with any of her friends in the class.) She was doing a lot of talking and the teachers were laughing at what she was saying. When I asked her about it later she said she was talking with "funny voices." She made some pretty cool artwork.

Today was beautiful. It was 60 something just like yesterday. But come sundown clouds came over ahead and it seemed to even warm up or intensify. I love how you can feel the calm before the storm. It's almost electric. Unfortunately this just means that a cold front is pushing its way down and we’re going to get winter cold again. Fortunately, we’ll be able to relate to all y’all up north(west.)

Today was a bath night which always goes smoothly until I turn the water off (because the tub is almost over flowing.) Tyler's favorite part of bath (maybe the only part he enjoys) is playing with the water as it comes out of the faucet. So when I turn it off it's a mad dash to get them both cleaned and get Tyler out of the tub. Today was no different than any other bath day. read: it was a mighty quick bath

After bath L ran down the stairs to pick out the books t
o read. I was walking right beside Tyler down the stairs because like his big sister he prefers to walk down the stairs holding onto the almost out of reach hand rail. He used to have free reign of the house, upstairs and down but now I feel I need to be within arms reach but definitely not holding onto his hand because he insists on doing it by himself...just like his sister.

And here's some random pics I took today.

Here's my Chia Pets (I mean Chia herbs) the Basil is doing quite well and the sweet marjoram (what do I use that for?) is the second runner up.

Sneak picture of Lauren and Tyler snuggling.

and here's what the "snuggle" looks like when she knows I'm taking a picture.

and like all good children they help each other clean up before bath.

Hopefully this will get easier and quicker after I figure out how this really works and maybe find a better way to post pictures on here since it seems I'm going to eventually run out of space.

I think it's time

I think it's time for the daily e-mail to go global. It's time for me to jump into this new generation of computing. Yes I know blogs have been around for longer than I know but it's time for me to learn the ways of the blogosphere. Plus Lauren is almost as good on the computer as I am...and that's pretty scary and it will only get worse in a few years.

Hopefully the kids will do something exciting today so I can blog about it later tonight.