Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grandma Jan's camera

While Matt is infusing himself with some very strong antibiotics I thought I'd take this time to upload my pictures and talk about them on the blog.
Come to find out...I have not taken any pictures since the last post. But before she flew home, this morning, I copied Grandma Jan's pictures and will update based on them.

before I begin, a Matt update:
He's doing better. He is getting two different antibiotics a day via his PICC line. One destroys a "gram negative pseudomonas" and the other aims for a staph infection. They aren't sure which he has and aren't ruling out that he may have both. The dull pain/almost numbness in his left hand has gone away. (very good!) His left pec muscle and lymph nodes in his armpit are still very sore and inflamed. (not so good) He sees his doctor two times per week and is scheduled for 3 weeks of home IV antibiotic treatment. (each week costs us a small fortune out-of-pocket)
His doctors say they could write a case study about him. What's going on with Matt is very, very rare. Almost one in a million. We've decided to give up on playing the lottery since there is no way lightening could strike twice, right?

And now on to the last week as seen through Grandma Jan's camera.

Pictures of Farrah and Rachett...the new pups I've yet to meet.
I called Grandma Jan (Matt's Mom) almost in tears asking her to come.
This was when Matt was very, very sick.
She left behind the latest family additions and Grandpa Michael to see her son and help out her favorite! (only) daughter-in-law.

Matt must have sensed his Mom was on her way because in the middle of her flight to Atlanta he turned the corner and began to improve rapidly.

He came home with a PICC line and I got to give him his medicine.
(He's also able to infuse himself if need be.)

Tyler and Lauren celebrated Matt's homecoming and Grandma Jan's attention by busying themselves on the computers. has so much to offer

they also played cardboard boats

While I took Matt to a Drs appointment Grandma Jan took Tyler to his 4 year old dentist appointment. She said he talked up a storm and did fantastic.

The day before G'ma Jan left Lauren had her dance class.
Lea is in the far left getting her hair done.

The last night with Grandma Jan was spent playing the Wii.
Lauren loves the Wii Fit bicycle game.

and Tyler loves to snuggle with his blanket.

Grandma Jan was a great help to all of us. She helped Lauren and Tyler feel normal during this ABnormal time in their lives and I believe she also helped Matt fight this infection just by being here. I hope y'all enjoyed the past week through Grandma Jan's camera.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

and the beat goes on

Each day he was in the hospital, Matt got stronger and stronger. Finally he felt up to having visitors. Tyler was his number one fan. Here they share a Chick-Fil-A lunch delivered by Grandma Jan from the outside. (note: there is a Chick-Fil-A in the hospital cafeteria but for some health conscious reason they do not sell fries, only chips. Matt wanted fries.)
After lunch the boys got to work on Tyler's new Lego set he got for his birthday.
Tyler got comfortable

Meanwhile, Grandma Jan checked out my iPod touch.
This is how I stayed connected in the hospital. There was free Wi-Fi and I took advantage of it.

While I spent most of my days at the hospital, Grandma Jan spent her days and nights with Lauren and Tyler.
L and T missed their Daddy but they were perfectly happy to spend quality time with G'ma Jan.

After five (more) nights in the hospital Matt was well enough to come home with a PICC line to continue his IV antibiotic treatment at home.

right after they inserted the picc
(and let me back into the room)

waiting for discharge papers

at home with his first IV treatment
(I made him smile for this pic)

the home treatment supplies
(which cost a small fortune)
l-r: alcohol swab, sodium chloride, antibiotic, sodium chloride, heparin

While Matt recovers at home the beat goes on for the rest of us.
Lauren actually enjoyed her soccer game this week.
She's been struggling the first 2 weeks but she really came around this afternoon.
There was no crying and I actually caught a smile on camera.

My superstar is number two.
Matt is slowly getting better and our family life is slowly getting back to normal. We've been blessed with the best during this whole ordeal. We have had meals delivered, childcare taken care of and more meals and childcare promised for the up and coming days. Prayers have been heard and answered and I feel things will only get better as the days go by...or as I should say, "as the beat goes on."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Matt Update

Before I get into the "Matt Update" let me show you my favorite card he received from his initial stint in the hospital:

this was from his corporate office in Seattle, WA

I guess the 5th Doctor was right because after four days at home Matt's fever spiked to dangerous levels again. At 11:30pm on Sunday, I brought him back to the Emergency Room at the hospital. This is when the "causes" took over.

His fever and recent history caused the ER staff to do an immediate
His lingering infection caused an abnormal reading on the EKG.
The abnormal EKG caused a monumental reaction from the ER staff.
This reaction caused me to experience the scariest 30 minutes of my life.
This 30 minutes included an opening of the STEMI box.

The EKG said something bad was happening.
Matt and I knew it wasn't as bad as they made it sound.
Look at him!
He's OKAY.

but he's still very sick with the infection.
Long story short, the oral antibiotics they sent him home with didn't do the job and the infection came back. He's now back at the hospital with stronger IV antibiotics and is slowly recovering.

Pictures of Lauren and Tyler are helping him to recover.

The "Matt Update" will continue. My mom flew home today and Matt's mom flies in tomorrow. Words cannot describe the help, support and prayers that are being poured in our direction.

Happy FOURTH Birthday TYLER

That's my big boy
before he turned
(under the table with his trucks as usual)

Here is a picture of Tyler and I along with the lady who made his 4th birthday such a success
...none other than...

the party locale:
Chuck E. Cheese's
(Tyler very adamantly chose the location.)

first we played games

then we ate PIZZA

Ms. Maria and Lea enjoy their cake

Tyler pretends? not to enjoy a birthday picture with his Mama.

At Chuck E. Cheese's he opens his presents.

and loves them all

Back home we take each and every one out of their box and play with them until bedtime.

the new Zhu Zhu pet and slide

Bucket O' Soldiers

Diego Checkers

Handy Manny

Fire Rescue Helicopter
Monday we celebrated Family Style with gifts from Grammy, Uncle Monkey, Aunt Mili, GG et. al.

Dude, he's so excited!

every once in awhile he likes to remember his Chuck E. Cheese's party by snuggling with his token piggy bank

dude, ain't he cute?

opening his Toy Story play-set

quickly going through (and discarding) a gift of clothing
he's such a boy, no?

now we're talkin'

Leapster game
(Lauren loves this gift)

Not pictured, is his birthday celebration at school. Due to his father being (back) in the hospital I neglected to send in cupcakes to school to celebrate. His teachers took it upon themselves to go out and buy cupcakes and celebrate his birthday for him anyway. Many thanks to the best teachers at the best pre-school in the world!

Tomorrow Grandma Jan flies in and the birthday celebration will continue
since the 24th is his actual FOURTH birthday

It will be an unforgettable birthday.
If Tyler happens to forget...his mother, father and the rest of us definitely will not forget.

Happy FOURTH birthday to my favorite boy.