Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Guess what "CREEPER"Y project we are working on tonight?!

Stay tuned for the final product.
It will CREEPER you out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekly Menu 10-22-2012

Monday:  Bulgur Chili & biscuits
(Matt could tell the Bulgur was not ground beef but we all ate it anyway.  Lauren cleaned her bowl and Tyler had no problems eating "6 more bites."  It's a great meatless chili.)
Tuesday:  left-over chili & Mac n Cheese for kids
Wednesday:  Pork Ramen Soup, crackers & fruit &veggie
Thursday:  Plum Sauce Chicken & fruit & veggie
Friday:  Creamy Salmon Macaroni Cheese & salad & fruit
Saturday:  Halloween Party
Sunday:  Meatloaf with Chili Sauce

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Menu 10-14-2012

It's CONDIMENT week.  I look in the fridge, see what condiments need to be used up and Google search recipes that use them.

Sunday:  Miso Chicken and Sugar Snap Peas with Miso Sauce (condiment: White Miso Paste & Dynasty Thai Chili Garlic Paste)  **THIS WAS DELISH!**
Monday:  Pull-Apart Pizza Breadsticks & salad (no condiment: Tyler just requested cheesy bread sticks and we have an evening softball game so need to eat a quick dinner.)
Tuesday:  Curry-Paste Shrimp and rice (condiment:  Patak's Mild Curry Paste)
Wednesday:  Dale's Sweet 'n Sour Pork Chops & Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Agave (condiments: Dale's Steak Seasoning and Agave)
Thursday:  Thai Chicken Tortilla Bites & green salad or other veggie (condiment:  House of Tsang Peanut Sauce)
Friday:  Boy Scout Camp
Saturday:  Boy Scout Camp (Wish me luck.  Who knows what will happen after 2 nights of sleeping in a tent?!)

(Just so you know, I didn't even make a dent in the condiments in my refrigerator.)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who are Tyler's Friends?

W.ho are T.yler's F.riends?

Last month Tyler said something funny that I thought was only facebook appropriate.
So I posted on my wall:

September 24
My 6-year-old son just whispered and clearly enunciated the full version of "WTF" into my ear. He asked if he could tell me what the naughty boy in his class said today. We then had the conversation that it's okay for him to tell me the words he hears but that he is way too smart to ever say those words anywhere else. Oh my!

 And then today (October 10) while I was tucking him into bed he said,

"Momma, remember that bad word I told you, the 'What The
F*ck' word?'  We'll I know a new way to say it.  It goes 'Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday.'"

Get it?  W.ednesday, T.uesday F.riday.  W.T.F.  

I asked if he heard this at school and he said no, he thinks he made it up.  I let it go because it was so late but...

I know he didn't make it up so now I need to find out exactly W.ho are T.yler's F.riends?!!

I will not let this sweet little boy who played with Trucks
grow up to swear like a Sailor.
He's too smart and W.ay T.oo F.antastic!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feeling Nostalgic

Tera spent the night last night and the kids were feeling nostalgic.
They got out their old yearbooks (Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade) and spent some time remembering "the good old days."

(I still get my old yearbooks out occasionally...when I need to verify/remember a facebook friend request.)

Almost as Cute as Daddy

I'm not sure if this is blog worthy or should have been posted to facebook but it is a funny conversation that I want to remember.

Rob Lowe was on Good Morning America today.
(Since the kids are home from school they watched it with me.)
 I told Lauren that I thought Rob was almost as cute as Daddy.
She said straight away, "Daddy's not that cute but it's only because he [Daddy] is a lot older."

Oh how I cracked up and then I looked up Mr. Lowe's birthday.

(Matt thinks it was because of his hair.)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Football and Photo Bombs

It was a perfect evening for some Tackle Football.
(We are in sweats and sweatshirts because the temperature is all of 62 degrees (yes that's cold!)

Lauren throws a pretty awesome spiral so naturally she was the one to give Tera some pointers.

now for some Tackle!

Football can't keep their interest forever.
Let's see some Photo Bombs!

Nice work girls! 
I hope y'all had a great holiday.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tyler Lately

 I haven't said much about Tyler Lately so I thought I'd go through my recent pictures and focus on my little man with the toothless grin.

Hat Day at school
(they could pay $1 to wear a hat to school)

Cub Scout (overnight) Camp
practicing the oath

Scout Wide game of Kick Ball

Go Tyler Go!

Lauren thinks the whole thing is a bit funny.

Preparing dessert for the campers.
(I wish I had taken more pictures of the Cub Scout camping trip.  It was our first time camping as a family and was a lot of fun.  The only downside was that two days after we came home I found a TICK on my body.  Ewww!!  And he'd been there for Two Whole Days!  Double Ewww!)

Baseball Tyler
Tyler plays for the Rays and plays Coach pitch no Tee at all.
He's doing alright...about 50/50 when up to bat.
He likes to play right field and apparently he likes to pull on his lip.
Go Rays!

Tyler's 1st Grade School Picture
(please "DO NOT COPY" it's 

I love my Toothless Tyler and to be honest I'll be a bit sad when his grown-up teeth grow in.