Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tyler Lately

 I haven't said much about Tyler Lately so I thought I'd go through my recent pictures and focus on my little man with the toothless grin.

Hat Day at school
(they could pay $1 to wear a hat to school)

Cub Scout (overnight) Camp
practicing the oath

Scout Wide game of Kick Ball

Go Tyler Go!

Lauren thinks the whole thing is a bit funny.

Preparing dessert for the campers.
(I wish I had taken more pictures of the Cub Scout camping trip.  It was our first time camping as a family and was a lot of fun.  The only downside was that two days after we came home I found a TICK on my body.  Ewww!!  And he'd been there for Two Whole Days!  Double Ewww!)

Baseball Tyler
Tyler plays for the Rays and plays Coach pitch no Tee at all.
He's doing alright...about 50/50 when up to bat.
He likes to play right field and apparently he likes to pull on his lip.
Go Rays!

Tyler's 1st Grade School Picture
(please "DO NOT COPY" it's 

I love my Toothless Tyler and to be honest I'll be a bit sad when his grown-up teeth grow in.

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