Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who are Tyler's Friends?

W.ho are T.yler's F.riends?

Last month Tyler said something funny that I thought was only facebook appropriate.
So I posted on my wall:

September 24
My 6-year-old son just whispered and clearly enunciated the full version of "WTF" into my ear. He asked if he could tell me what the naughty boy in his class said today. We then had the conversation that it's okay for him to tell me the words he hears but that he is way too smart to ever say those words anywhere else. Oh my!

 And then today (October 10) while I was tucking him into bed he said,

"Momma, remember that bad word I told you, the 'What The
F*ck' word?'  We'll I know a new way to say it.  It goes 'Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday.'"

Get it?  W.ednesday, T.uesday F.riday.  W.T.F.  

I asked if he heard this at school and he said no, he thinks he made it up.  I let it go because it was so late but...

I know he didn't make it up so now I need to find out exactly W.ho are T.yler's F.riends?!!

I will not let this sweet little boy who played with Trucks
grow up to swear like a Sailor.
He's too smart and W.ay T.oo F.antastic!

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brian said...

hahahahaha. clever kid.