Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Cookout

Our good friends, Dave and Susan,
hosted a Memorial Day Cookout for anyone and everyone who didn't have family in town or family to visit for the holiday.

Thanks to them, (and the baby girl's Mama)
I was able to get my baby fix.
(Matt says, "Thank Goodness!")
 Lauren and Tyler were able to play.
 with each other
and with their friends.
 While Lauren is swinging with another Lauren, Tyler is in the house playing with the boys.

I'm not sure what the Daddy's/Husbands are doing but here's a pic with a lot of us gals.

It was a perfect evening.
The kids stayed up way too late (10-ish) but everyone had a great time.

A big Thank You goes out to all our veterans and those of you still serving in our armed forces.

Pyramid Party

This weekend Lauren went to a Pyramid Party to celebrate a friends 6th Birthday.
This was an EXTREME Pyramid Party.
There was a Hay-Ride on the Nile:
 A dance contest to the Bangles video, "Walk Like an Egyptian
 Egyptian themed crafts
Pictures taken behind murals PAINTED by the birthday girl's very talented Mama!
(Lauren is in the middle)

And of course, a pyramid cake.
Lauren and I had a blast.  When I grow up I want to plan awesome parties too!

Untangle Me This

When asked, "What do you want for breakfast?"
Tyler and his friend answer, "Cinnamon Rolls!" while Lauren yells out, "a Tomato please!"
Do you oblige them all?

Farewell First Grade!

Here is Lauren's First Grade Class on Awards Day.
(for the life of me I can not get the picture turned around on the blog)
(when I grow up I will learn to be more computer savvy) 
That's better...(but that's only half the class)
Lauren is in purple.
Each student stood up in front of the class and parents to read a special poem using all the letters in their name.  (I recorded Lauren reading hers but video takes too long to download.  Come visit and I'll play it for you.)

Lions are my favorite animal.
At school, work is easy.
Using a dictionary makes works easy to draw.
Running is fun.
Eating is fun.
New toys are fun to play with.

After the awards and poetry reading it was time for a snack. 
 And a picture with her first grade teacher, Mrs. Kelly.  We'll miss you!
Awards day was on Thursday.  The last day of school was Friday and Lauren wanted to make sure I mentioned that on the blog.  She wanted everyone one to know that she wore her favorite shirt on the last day of school.  This favorite shirt came from JUSTICE (she was so excited to finally shop there because all her friends shop there?!) and she got to color it in herself.

Introducing my big 2nd grader wearing her self-colored-in "Justice" t-shirt.
I love you Lauren!
my BFF  =)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Favorite Songs

Before I get to the Favorite Songs I want to introduce our newest addition:
(an American Girl Doll)
Lauren named her "Taylor"
Lauren bought little Miss Taylor with her birthday money from Great Grandpa Bob.
Thank you Great Grandpa Bob!
(spittin' image, no?!)

Welcome Miss Taylor!
Now back to our Favorite Songs:
Today in the car, Tyler sang loud and proud to one of his favorite songs on the radio (the Kids Place Live channel.)  He was so cute and so sincere in his singing that it made me think of my favorite childhood songs and how special it would be to document L and T's favorite songs (before they became interested in Lady Gaga and whoever will be the next Lady Gaga.)
I remember a number of favorite songs from my childhood.  Fifty Nifty United States (although Oregon was spelled wrong in the linked Youtube video) and  El Senor Don Gato to name just two.  This evening Lauren and Tyler came up with their current top FAVES.  I'll do my best to find them all on You Tube.

1.  I've Got A Butt (you knew this was a fave already)

I didn't get them all but I did get quite a few. I'll search for the rest while y'all enjoy the songs I found. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Menu 5-21-2011

This was delish!  We added some left-over cooked and cubed chicken breast from the weekend (to make Matt happy.)  Everyone loved it.  I actually enjoyed the pistachios (being the nut hater I am) and Lauren is taking some left-over pasta to school with her.  And oh the Biscuits!  Matt said I should only make these biscuits from now on.  Yes, they were that good....and so easy.

WednesdayAll-American Chili (Family Circle, Oct. 2011) & corn bread
Thursday:  left-overs or pantry meal
Saturday:  Abigail's BD party (boys are on their own)
Sunday:  Memorial Day cook-out at Dave and Susan's (Please send me recommendations for a side dish to bring!)

Garden Update

My garden is getting fuller, however, I'm still missing a few squares.
The two front corner squares are supposed to be growing flowers.
(Snap Dragons and Daisies...perhaps my 3+ yr old seed packets were bad?)
The second square in the third row has jalapeno seeds but after I planted them I found out they take 19 weeks from seed to harvest.  Maybe some will be ready by the first frost in December? 
 Look what's growing well.
 look at those beauts!
 Swiss Chard!

My cilantro, however, is struggling.  I'm not sure why.  It was cold for a few days (40s overnight) but now it has been hot for a few days (upper 80s during the day.)  Maybe it doesn't like the weather change?

 My first harvest of the season.
(lettuce leaf, 2 swiss chard leaves and 4 1/2 baby spinach leaves)
I sprinkled these on top of our bagged salad from Walmart but I was still pretty proud and couldn't stop looking down at my green thumb.  =) 

(Tyler's) School's out for the Summer

Friday was Tyler's last day of school.
(Lauren still has another week...neener neener)
The Pre-K-ers had a special pizza party with just the teachers.
Here he is goofing off in the car-pool line before school. 
He's pretty proud to now be a Kindergartener.
 Saturday was his last T-Ball game.
They won (of course) and celebrated afterwards with (once again) PIZZA.
(Tyler is the one in front of Lauren's "rabbit ears.")

He is extremely proud of his trophy.
He admires it multiple times a day.
(and wants to play more sports just so he can get more trophies)
 I don't want Lauren to feel left out of this post so here is a picture of her dressed for bed.
I told her to go get in her pajamas and this is the outfit she came down in.
(maybe her bedroom has a leak?)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome Back, Spring

It's been cold the past few days.  I'm talking 60 degrees cold in May.
Even though I grew up in Oregon, I have no tolerance anymore for below average temperatures or the drizzling rain.  I am a Southern girl now (at least when it comes to the weather.)

I'm not exactly sure what Tyler is but what I do know is he's enjoying this warm sunny weather.
swim-suit, golf club and goggles
(he's got it made)
 Even the girls joined him in welcoming back the warm Spring weather.
It's supposed to be in the 80s tomorrow and 90s by the weekend.
I can't wait!

Tyler's Spring Program and Art Show

The other evening Tyler had his Pre-School Spring Program.  He must have known something big was going on because right after school he took a two hour nap on his chair.  (the boy was O-U-T)
Eventually he got dressed in his Spring Program (dressy yet casual) attire.  Forgive my iPhone photo but the boy was looking good!
 Even his sister thought he looked good enough to pose with.  (how cute!)
 The pre-schoolers sang four songs during the program.
1.  My God is So Big
2.  What a Mighty Hand (couldn't find this on YouTube)
3.  What a Mighty God We Serve
4.  Mighty, Mighty, Savior

Tyler sang every word.  His Dad and I were so proud!
The next day was the Art Show (aka end of school party.)  Each child in the class had their own sheet of art work displayed on the wall.  This was Tyler's.
 Here he is with his Pre-K teachers.  Mrs. White and Ms. Lee.
And here is a picture of a picture of his class photo.  (Matt loves it when I do this.)  Blurry but you get the point.  (there are a lot more boys in class than girls!)
I am going to miss First Baptist Pre-K.  We've been going there for the last FIVE years and what I thought would never happened happened.  My children grew up and both of them became school-age.  Next year Tyler and Lauren will attend the local elementary school.  *sniffle and a tear*

Monday, May 16, 2011

Patrick Robert

I've been waiting for my brother or sister-in-law to update their Facebook statuses with the Big News but it seems they are too preoccupied with life with a newborn.  So I will have to be the one to announce the birth of my nephew Patrick Robert (or Patty Mills as my other brother has been calling him.)  Congratulations to Kevin and Mili.

(I can't believe my little brother is a Daddy)
 Welcome to the world!
Patrick Robert
May, Friday the 13th, 2011
7lbs 10oz and 52cm
 (He's so alert it makes me think of a 6 week old instead of a newborn.)
I can't wait until July when I get to meet him in person.

(Brian, you're next!)

Looking for a catchy tune?

This is Tyler's all time favorite song. He talks about it frequently, he sings it often and just today he told me that "even Jesus has a butt."

Lord help me!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Man

Tyler received the gifts pictured above from one of the teachers at his Pre-School.  It melted my heart!
the note:
"Tyler's always been one of my faves!  He always has reminded me of a "man."
Told my friend visiting from Russia to bring me a little "man" for Tyler!
The Mood Mud?  Just fun + silly!
Have a great summer.
Ms. "H""
After reading her letter I thought about it and chuckled as I realized Tyler is most definitely a "little man."  He is very analytical, he takes you for your word (and doesn't care to read into "what you meant to say") and will tell you how he sees it.  I love that one of the teachers at his Pre-School was able to recognize that about him and felt so inclined to bring him (via a friend) a "Little Man" all the way from Russia.  This little man from Russia even has a tag on the bottom with some Russian writing on it.  Very special indeed.  I will be saving this Little Man from Russia for my own Little Man along with the very special letter. 

I am so going to miss his Pre-School next year.  I can't believe we only have one more week to go there.  (sniff and a tear)

Family Fun at Turner Field

Yesterday, the Atlanta Braves played the Washington Nationals.
Yesterday, Tyler's T-Ball league got the chance to walk around the entire field before the game.
While Matt and Tyler hung out with the team at Hank Aaron ramp, Lauren and I found our seats.
400-level Nosebleeds but still pretty cool!
(after fiddling with my iPhone camera, another fan offered to take our picture)

 I love pictures of the ball-field with downtown Atlanta in the background.

While I was loving the view Lauren pulled out her TENTH baby tooth!

T-ball boys walking.
(you can see them mostly along the 1st baseline) 
 Matt got a better picture from his view.
Tyler is on the far left.

 "Hi Daddy, we're heading back in now."
 Once back at our seats we watched maybe 3 innings before L and T were ready to walk around.
 We walked all over and stopped often to take pictures.
Daddy and Lauren
 Daddy and Tyler
 Daddy, Lauren and Mommy with Tyler behind the lens.
 L and T ran the bases at Sky Field (top level of the stadium)
Go Lauren!
 Go Tyler!
After a couple run throughs Lauren was happy just to watch Tyler...
complete about 20 more!

Again with my view of the Atlanta skyline...
(and also the blue fence of the original stadium's outfield wall (in the parking lot.)
Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run over it.) 
We stopped to pose on the Coca-Cola bottle chairs 

And we stayed until it got dark...
eating ball-park burgers, fries, pizza, ice-cream and Matt and I even enjoyed a beer.  The only thing missing was a ball-park hot-dog. 
We left before the game was over and I don't know who won but I do know we all had a great time at the game.  I learned there's a lot more to do than just watch baseball and it was fun to experience it through a 5 and 7-year-old perspective.

(btw:  I asked Matt who won and he told me the Nationals beat us 7-6.   boo.)