Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Family Fun at Turner Field

Yesterday, the Atlanta Braves played the Washington Nationals.
Yesterday, Tyler's T-Ball league got the chance to walk around the entire field before the game.
While Matt and Tyler hung out with the team at Hank Aaron ramp, Lauren and I found our seats.
400-level Nosebleeds but still pretty cool!
(after fiddling with my iPhone camera, another fan offered to take our picture)

 I love pictures of the ball-field with downtown Atlanta in the background.

While I was loving the view Lauren pulled out her TENTH baby tooth!

T-ball boys walking.
(you can see them mostly along the 1st baseline) 
 Matt got a better picture from his view.
Tyler is on the far left.

 "Hi Daddy, we're heading back in now."
 Once back at our seats we watched maybe 3 innings before L and T were ready to walk around.
 We walked all over and stopped often to take pictures.
Daddy and Lauren
 Daddy and Tyler
 Daddy, Lauren and Mommy with Tyler behind the lens.
 L and T ran the bases at Sky Field (top level of the stadium)
Go Lauren!
 Go Tyler!
After a couple run throughs Lauren was happy just to watch Tyler...
complete about 20 more!

Again with my view of the Atlanta skyline...
(and also the blue fence of the original stadium's outfield wall (in the parking lot.)
Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run over it.) 
We stopped to pose on the Coca-Cola bottle chairs 

And we stayed until it got dark...
eating ball-park burgers, fries, pizza, ice-cream and Matt and I even enjoyed a beer.  The only thing missing was a ball-park hot-dog. 
We left before the game was over and I don't know who won but I do know we all had a great time at the game.  I learned there's a lot more to do than just watch baseball and it was fun to experience it through a 5 and 7-year-old perspective.

(btw:  I asked Matt who won and he told me the Nationals beat us 7-6.   boo.)

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Gloria said...

A highlight in your Dad's life was his visit to his Braves Turner Field - albeit in off season and with no turf on the ground. It warms my heart every time I see pictures of you enjoying going there, too.