Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Man

Tyler received the gifts pictured above from one of the teachers at his Pre-School.  It melted my heart!
the note:
"Tyler's always been one of my faves!  He always has reminded me of a "man."
Told my friend visiting from Russia to bring me a little "man" for Tyler!
The Mood Mud?  Just fun + silly!
Have a great summer.
Ms. "H""
After reading her letter I thought about it and chuckled as I realized Tyler is most definitely a "little man."  He is very analytical, he takes you for your word (and doesn't care to read into "what you meant to say") and will tell you how he sees it.  I love that one of the teachers at his Pre-School was able to recognize that about him and felt so inclined to bring him (via a friend) a "Little Man" all the way from Russia.  This little man from Russia even has a tag on the bottom with some Russian writing on it.  Very special indeed.  I will be saving this Little Man from Russia for my own Little Man along with the very special letter. 

I am so going to miss his Pre-School next year.  I can't believe we only have one more week to go there.  (sniff and a tear)

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