Monday, May 23, 2011

(Tyler's) School's out for the Summer

Friday was Tyler's last day of school.
(Lauren still has another week...neener neener)
The Pre-K-ers had a special pizza party with just the teachers.
Here he is goofing off in the car-pool line before school. 
He's pretty proud to now be a Kindergartener.
 Saturday was his last T-Ball game.
They won (of course) and celebrated afterwards with (once again) PIZZA.
(Tyler is the one in front of Lauren's "rabbit ears.")

He is extremely proud of his trophy.
He admires it multiple times a day.
(and wants to play more sports just so he can get more trophies)
 I don't want Lauren to feel left out of this post so here is a picture of her dressed for bed.
I told her to go get in her pajamas and this is the outfit she came down in.
(maybe her bedroom has a leak?)

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Anonymous said...

Tyler is looking awesome with his trophy:))) Was it raining in her room????

Grandma Jan
Grandpa Michael