Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Favorite Songs

Before I get to the Favorite Songs I want to introduce our newest addition:
(an American Girl Doll)
Lauren named her "Taylor"
Lauren bought little Miss Taylor with her birthday money from Great Grandpa Bob.
Thank you Great Grandpa Bob!
(spittin' image, no?!)

Welcome Miss Taylor!
Now back to our Favorite Songs:
Today in the car, Tyler sang loud and proud to one of his favorite songs on the radio (the Kids Place Live channel.)  He was so cute and so sincere in his singing that it made me think of my favorite childhood songs and how special it would be to document L and T's favorite songs (before they became interested in Lady Gaga and whoever will be the next Lady Gaga.)
I remember a number of favorite songs from my childhood.  Fifty Nifty United States (although Oregon was spelled wrong in the linked Youtube video) and  El Senor Don Gato to name just two.  This evening Lauren and Tyler came up with their current top FAVES.  I'll do my best to find them all on You Tube.

1.  I've Got A Butt (you knew this was a fave already)

I didn't get them all but I did get quite a few. I'll search for the rest while y'all enjoy the songs I found. 

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ellen said...

Great idea to write down the kids favorite songs. I hate to hear what my kids would choose especially since Jared got back from outdoor school. I seriously looked up the words to El Gato last month to show my kids. They weren't as impressed by it as I was. :)