Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Update

My garden is getting fuller, however, I'm still missing a few squares.
The two front corner squares are supposed to be growing flowers.
(Snap Dragons and Daisies...perhaps my 3+ yr old seed packets were bad?)
The second square in the third row has jalapeno seeds but after I planted them I found out they take 19 weeks from seed to harvest.  Maybe some will be ready by the first frost in December? 
 Look what's growing well.
 look at those beauts!
 Swiss Chard!

My cilantro, however, is struggling.  I'm not sure why.  It was cold for a few days (40s overnight) but now it has been hot for a few days (upper 80s during the day.)  Maybe it doesn't like the weather change?

 My first harvest of the season.
(lettuce leaf, 2 swiss chard leaves and 4 1/2 baby spinach leaves)
I sprinkled these on top of our bagged salad from Walmart but I was still pretty proud and couldn't stop looking down at my green thumb.  =) 

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