Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

I don't remember how old I just turned but what I do know is that I am (and always will be) FOUR YEARS YOUNGER than Matt.  And that just makes me feel better!
the family birthday spread
(3 different cakes from the Fresh Market)
Lauren's gift
a fancy white sleeveless blouse
  from Tyler
  a beautiful Summer dress
(when I put this on Tyler told me I looked like a Zebra)
and I'm not sure this is blog-appropriate but I am sure most of us wear some sort of these...
(from Matt, of course)
(Lauren is less than thrilled.)
Mr. Dave (Troy's Dad) watched the kids so Matt could take me out to dinner at a new restaurant I've been wanting to check out.  (Dinner was delish and affordable and I'm sure we'll be back.)

Happy Birthday to Me.
(next week will be Happy Birthday to Matt)

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brian said...

Happy Birthday!