Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Cookout

Our good friends, Dave and Susan,
hosted a Memorial Day Cookout for anyone and everyone who didn't have family in town or family to visit for the holiday.

Thanks to them, (and the baby girl's Mama)
I was able to get my baby fix.
(Matt says, "Thank Goodness!")
 Lauren and Tyler were able to play.
 with each other
and with their friends.
 While Lauren is swinging with another Lauren, Tyler is in the house playing with the boys.

I'm not sure what the Daddy's/Husbands are doing but here's a pic with a lot of us gals.

It was a perfect evening.
The kids stayed up way too late (10-ish) but everyone had a great time.

A big Thank You goes out to all our veterans and those of you still serving in our armed forces.

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Gloria said...

Looks like great party weather. Here not so much. Per the news lots of people went camping here for the Memorial Day weekend, but took along their winter parkas and waterproof boots. Sure hope it stops raining here before your visit in July!