Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pool Day

Today was a fun day!  I invited a bunch of friends to the pool and told those friends to invite their friends as well (so I would feel super special if a bunch of people showed up.)  Let me tell you...a bunch of people showed up.  I felt super special and enough people (mostly kids and toddlers) showed up that a couple of pool-bound groups of neighborhood teenagers took one look at the pool crew and turned around and walked back home.  (Hopefully they walked all the way home thinking they DID NOT want to be a parent in the near future!) 

Although I had a great time, I did not take any photos.  Actually, my good friend Pam, who accidentally drove one wheel of her vehicle over the curb in the pool parking lot, forbade any picture taking while she used the jack to get her car out.  (Which she did and by doing so forever earned her a place in my most-highly-esteemed list.) 

Since I didn't take any pictures today I searched through the computer archives for the very first picture taken from our neighborhood swimming pool.  This would be FOUR years ago.  Check it out and smile (or if you're like me cry those happy tears because my children were (and still ARE!) absolutely adorable.)

And that photo got me all reminiscing so I went searching for more photos of my little darlings when they were ONE (Tyler) and THREE (Lauren) years old.
(I think we have the same eyes).
 my thumb and finger(s) sucker

Love Love Love
Stay tuned for many more pool days.  The temps are in the 90s and the pool will be a dear friend of ours for the entire summer.

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