Monday, June 27, 2011

Tyler's First Sleepover

Thanks to our good friends Dave and Susan (well mostly Dave) Tyler enjoyed his first sleepover at a friend's house.  While Susan and I went to a Mom's only pool party, Dave offered (was offered by Susan?) to watch L and T for the night.  Lauren had no interest in spending the night at a boy's house (two boys actually) but Tyler really wanted to stay.
Tyler and Ian
partners in crime
(shown here in the cardboard "slammer")
I hear (because Lauren told me verbatim what went on) that Tyler did just fine until bedtime.  Mr. Dave had Lauren sleep in the living room (so I could easily pick her up and not wake the boys) and had Tyler sleepover in Ian's bedroom.  Apparently, Tyler really wanted to sleep near his sister so he threw a fit.  Lauren (my eyes and ears) said Tyler told Mr. Dave he wouldn't be his friend anymore if he didn't let him sleep in the living room.
Tyler and Ian asleep in Ian's bedroom.
(how cute: they have the same pillow pet)
(Hopefully Mr. Dave and Tyler can be 'friends' again one day.)

All was well the next morning.  Tyler and Ian enjoyed a good breakfast.

After I picked him up and we got home Tyler decided to throw another fit with me.  (I don't even remember what it was about.)  I did what Mr. Dave probably didn't.  I sent him to bed right away.  At 10am my boy took a 2 1/2 hour nap.  I'm thinking he partied and fitted pretty hard at his first sleepover and that just wiped him out.  Stay tuned for more Ian and Tyler sleepover adventures.  They will be in the same grade at the same school...hopefully the same class next year.

PS.  Thanks again (and Happy 30somethingth Birthday) Mr. Dave!!
PPS.  I may have overused my (parentheses) in this post.  (sorry)

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Susan said...

I love it. Despite a few emotional moments it went really well. They were great in the morning - I guess I got the easy shift!