Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am impressed how well Lauren has learned to read and write in the first grade.  She really enjoys reading and writing letters, stories, lists etc.

For example, she wrote this via the Wii remote, to her good friend Lea who moved away last summer.
 She also wrote this and taped it to the garage door. 
And then she wrote this:  a list of BAD WORDS
(I wrote the first one because I'm extremely tired of hearing the kids say, "What the" (as in "What the" heck.)  They have no idea what "what the" means and I'm just done with it.)


Tyler took his cue from Lauren's list and wrote his own.  See below:

(I asked Tyler about "Talking Whale" and he told me that saying "ark ark ark" (like whales do?) is a bad word.  Who knew?!)

I love my (not so) foul-mouthed children with all my heart.

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nicole. said...

bbhahha the bad word list is so freaking funny. at least there is nothing coming after the "what the..." im pretty sure braeden inserted something after the what the... and it sure wasnt heck.