Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random Pool Projects (in no such order)

I hate to complain (especially for my soggy Oregon readers) but it has been H-O-T.
Average temps should be in the 80s for this time of year but we've been stuck in the mid 90s for about a week now with no break in sight.
(honestly, I complain in jest because I'll take the heat & humidity over the rain any day)

If we are not inside enjoying the Air Conditioning then you will find us outside at a Pool.
Today Matt took the kiddos to Troy's neighborhood pool.
The trio is ready to splash the camera.

Troy has a fancy pool.
One part kiddie pool with a mushroom sprinkler 
 and one part lounge pool.
You are allowed to mess with your brother in either part.

While Matt took the kiddos to the pool I made up a batch of my favorite Mexican-Inspired Vegetable Soup and also tried my hand at making hamburger buns from scratch.
Kind of cute, no?
(or as my Grandma from Michigan would have said)
Kind of cute, eh?
I used this recipe from a blog I follow with Google Reader.  She blogs from the Atlanta area as well.  Maybe someday I'll let her know I stalk follow her blog.  If you want some fantastically delicious recipes than I suggest you follow her as well.
I used the hamburger buns to go with the Burgers with Blue Cheese Mayo and Sherry Vidalia Onions I made for dinner.  No pictures but they were delish.  I really like the taste of Blue/Bleu Cheese on my burger.

Other Projects:
Tyler worked on his word search (with Daddy and Momma's help) 
 Lauren connected the dots on a special worksheet made just for her by her Daddy.
(quite a talented duo, eh?)
 And I FINALLY got caught up on the children's baby picture books.
(I've been working on this For. Ever.)

Lauren can work Netflix via the Wii all by herself.
She can change the input on the TV, search for a Child-Appropriate movie, and start it up all by herself.
(I see parental internet blocks in our near (Very Near) future.)
I've listed my children's favorite songs recently but I haven't owned up to my own.  I realize I may lose some readers and coolness points but I really like the Lilly Allen channel on Pandora Radio.
A friend of mine who lives in a nearby neighborhood (within 2 miles) had her house broken into the other day.
By day I mean during the daytime hours.  I have lived here for almost 6 years and have always felt safe.  I know we live close to Atlanta but it seemed we were in a little bubble free and clear from the violence and theft of the big city.  Today I question that.  I will definitely take more precautions now.

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