Monday, June 20, 2011

She Loves Her Face

Lauren is growing out her bangs and they are finally long enough to pin back with a barrette.  She was a little skeptical when I pinned them back while playing hair salon today.  After she saw herself she said,
"I love looking at my face."  
 Now some may think this to be a bit conceited but I disagree. (c'mon, she's seven years old)
I LOVE that she LOVES her face.
Growing up, I was too insecure to love anything about my face...except for my big blue eyes, of course.

Lauren and "Taylor" show off the same 'do.

 I honestly, can't get enough of her face as well.
I love this girl!

In other news:  The world's best Daddy built the world's best fort in the basement this weekend.
The picture doesn't do it justice.  This was a BIG FORT.
 Today while Matt flew to Montreal, Canada for work, the kids and I went to a pajama movie party at Ian and Eric's house.  They watched Gnomeo and Juliet for about five minutes before running around playing "kissy face" (who taught them this game?!) and tearing up the house.
On the way home I snapped this picture of Tyler.  I'm not sure which was more dangerous;  letting him ride slouched down with the buckle around his face or me taking this picture of him while DRIVING.
Although it's covered up with the buckle...I love his face as well!

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