Thursday, June 30, 2011

Attack of the FIRE ANTS

We went to a Water Party at a friend's house on Wednesday.
Ms Dawn has the ultimate side lot to host the ultimate water party.
(except for the mound of FIRE ANTS which eventually and solely found Lauren)
We had so much fun right up until the very (fire-anty) end.

friends and fun and water-guns

ready for the water balloon toss

Lauren and her partner most definitely won the toss.

obviously the next two photos were not taken from my $25 (or so) camera
Thanks for the great pictures, Carey!
(about to get wet!)
This was the perfect afternoon for us 'stay-at-home' mom's.
The kids were occupied with each other and the water guns while us Mom's chatted in the shade.
Our perfect afternoon ended abruptly, however, when Lauren ran to me screaming and in obvious (break your Momma's heart) pain.
She had happened upon a mound of FIRE ANTS.
Having yet to be bitten by one I have only heard how excruciatingly painful they are.  (apparently they have the same venom as yellow jackets!)  I grabbed a towel and wiped the evil ants off her legs and then with help from the other Mom's packed up and headed home in 5 seconds flat.
Lauren yelled, cried, and moaned all the way home.

"I don't ever want to see another bug in my life"
"This is the worst day ever"
"I'd rather be on fire!"

When we got home I gave L a Benadryl and put her in a bath with Colloidal Oatmeal.  
After 20 minutes in the bath the pain started to subside.
(Tyler, such a sweet boy, never made a sound but sat quietly in the living room while I dealt with Lauren)

What a day!  What a day!
I hear the bites will start itching in a couple of days.
Here's what her legs looked like this morning.
(It's hard to tell from the picture but they were pretty blotchy and swollen and got progressively more so as the day went on.)

Aside from that, today was another day full of the usual shenanigans.
 I'm pretty sure Tyler is talking to the Fire Ants.
Don't come around here no more!

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Gloria said...

Poor Lauren! I also hope she/you/I/Tyler/y'all never see another firebug again. I'm sure they don't have them in Idaho or Oregon, so come on down!!!