Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"DESTIN"ation Bound

(sometimes my titles blow me away from the sheer CRE-A-TIV-ITY)
Obviously? we are gearing up for an up-and-coming trip to Destin, Florida.  Matt has a work conference and the children and I will tag-a-long to enjoy the white sandy beach and bask in the Florida sun.

To prepare we took care of the necessities;  we got our house-alarm active and on-line with the police and fire-department and in light of the recent home break-in at one of our friends' house we even hired someone to house-sit for us.  Over-kill maybe but I'd rather be safe than sorry...ya know?!

We also prepared by taking a few inches off the children's hair.  (to keep cool while in Florida)  Lauren has decided to grow her bangs out so she just had a couple of inches taken off the back.  Lucky for her she was able to play the Wii while Tyler had his hair cut.  We love our Zany Cuts
Tyler told me he wanted his hair cut SHORT.  So SHORT is what we did.  (funny story:  I told the stylist to use gel and spike it up and she did.  After she was through she asked Tyler if he wanted to take a look in the mirror.  He said, "Okay, but it better not be spiky."  lol  The boy sure knows what he likes/doesn't like.)
 That evening while I made dinner Matt took the kids to the pool.

Since I wasn't there I'm not sure who this boy is!  I'll have to ask Matt pronto.
Today we continued our "Destin"ation Preparations.

We used up the bag of lemons to make Lemonade.  (to take on our trip)
And for the first time I made a list and had the children pick out their own clothes to be packed.

Tyler's list

Lauren's list
(I even had her take her own picture)
(of course she added a border to her photo)
Sometimes (okay, often) I think I want another baby but days like today (when L and T pack their own clothes) make me realize that I have it pretty good.  My children are healthy, capable and happy...and honestly, so am I. 

And that brings me to Tyler.   (I LOVE HIM and his spiky hair)
My sweet boy has started to stutter again.  He seems to go through spurts.  I'm thinking his brain has a growth spurt and his mouth just can't keep up.  It breaks my heart to see him struggle to spit a word out but I make sure I don't show any emotion and patiently wait for him to work it out.  So far it hasn't bothered him too much (just a couple of times he's quit trying to get the word out.)  Bless his heart.  Please pray this phase passes quickly. 

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