Thursday, June 26, 2008

enchanted day

Today we went to the Enchanted Forest. I used to love coming here as a child and it was even cooler to bring my kids there. Lauren and Tyler both really enjoyed the fairy tale themed houses and they even rode together on a train/roller coaster. I would have included pictures but I still can't figure out how to resize them so they are smaller (and won't take up a big chunk of my allowed picture space on blogger.)

After the Enchanted Forest we went on up to Woodburn to see Aunt Mili and Uncle Kevin's house. I hadn't been there since there has been a woman's touch to it. It looks very inviting and clean! now. It definitely looks like a home now. Mili made us a delicious Peruvian dinner. Adobo chicken, mashed potatoes and rice with aji salsa. It was similar to this recipe but different and I'm sure better. =) I'm pretty sure I could live off of white rice and the aji salsa.

After dinner the kids played with Uncle Brian and Aunt Mili while we waited for Uncle Kevin to get home from work. We all visited and played for another couple of hours. Lauren kept asking where "Aunt Meewee" was whenever she wasn't in the same room together. She really took to her and loved to play chase and trains with her.

Later and already past the kids bedtime, we headed for home and bed. I'm still getting over my jet lag and lack of sleep since the kids aren't sleeping in so I'm headed off to bed very soon now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

you have to read this!

Eat at your own risk and have plenty of tissues handy for the tears that sneak out from laughing so hard. (I wish my blog was as well written as hers!)

Lauren says it's cold here!

It was about 65 degrees last night when we finally got into Portland. Despite the frigid temps (ha ha) it was an uneventful and pretty smooth plane ride. We had time for drinks, snacks and one Thomas video and then it was time for our descent. The kids love going fast during take off and landing. And Tyler is so psyched about planes right now.

After we got off the plane Grammy and Mili (my sister-in-law) met us and helped us get our luggage and get into the car. We were all starving so we met up with my brother Kevin at a Shari's in Woodburn for a late dinner. On the way to dinner Mili taught Lauren to count in spanish. Lauren kept saying "hola, dos, tres...." I'm sure she'll learn eventually, especially if Aunt Mili keeps working with her. The kids were so tired at dinner they were giddy. Especially Tyler. He was delirious and laughing at everything. They both slept the whole way home but were ready to play and read books with Uncle Brian and Grammy when we got home.

This morning the kids were up bright and early...6am early!! I'm not enjoying this time change. They had enough new toys in their bedroom so I was able to snooze for another hour while they played. Once we got downstairs the kids had so much fun playing with uncle Brian. He set up his old train track and they played and played. I let them play together and took a job (jog, oops)around the old neighborhood. The houses and streets sure look smaller than what I remember.

Back home I made BLTs for lunch. This was Uncle Brian's request but he doesn't know how to make them. (He still doesn't but that's okay)

Currently the kids are napping and I'm watching Uncle Brian and my favorite soap.... It's on an hour early here. Later we're meeting Great Grandpa Bob and my Aunt and Uncle for pizza.

I did take some pictures but I can't figure out how to resize them but once I figure it out I'll post 'em.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Greetings from Boise

Well, we made it in one piece and it was actually quite an enjoyable flight. The kids were perfect angels and I just may try this again one day. I packed them each a backpack with books, new (mess free) coloring books, Lauren's Leapster, snacks and also the PSP with 2 Thomas episodes downloaded. We didn't even make through our whole goody bag. We'll use the rest of it to get us through today's flight to Portland. At least this on is only an hour long so one Thomas episode will probably do it.

Here's some pics from our trip.

I didn't hassle with car seats and they were fine just being buckled in.

watching Thomas on the PSP
Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael met us in the lobby of the airport. We (G'pa Michael) quickly got our luggage loaded up and then headed to thier new house. I love their house and will take more pics during our week here in 2 more weeks.
This morning we had french toast and cereal for breakfast and then cousin Madison came over to play for awhile with Aunt Jennifer. The kids took a little while to warm up to each other but I think everyone was pretty comfortable right about when it was time for Madison to leave. We'll work on that during our next visit.
Tyler's snuggling with Grandma Jan.

The kids are napping now and afterwards we'll head back to airport for our flight to Portland tonight.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

counting down the minutes

Until we leave for the airport!! Everything is going smoothly but my nerves are going crazy. Not sure why I'm so nervous. It's just a plane trip and I'm a VERY capable mother. =)

Anyway... Daddy got home yesterday. Earlier in the day we played dress up....
hat and scarf

Lady Bug

although he looks like a reluctant participant he chose this hat and insisted I put it on him.

But when Daddy got home that was when the fun began!!

a new take on the airplane ride

Lauren's turn but Tyler's in the danger zone.

The kids didn't want to leave his side all night.
Today we were pretty busy preparing for our trip. I managed to get an awesome workout in though. Well, actually, the only awesome part was when I was finished. It was a 5K Hill Simulator workout. (If you're interested it's last workout on this link)
After lunch we went to the neighborhood pool for about an hour. I left the camera home but I could have gotten some cool shots. Tyler was a little daredevil with his 2 sets of floaties on. He was jumping in the water without any notice to Daddy. (I didn't get in because I had just showered and straightened my hair....which... TMI...didn't matter because it was so hot and humid out that my hair frizzed up anyway.)
Back home we put the kids down for a nap to ensure a smooth and relaxed flight to Boise tonight. Here's a couple pics I snapped as I woke the kids up.

Okay...15 minutes until showtime. Wish me luck.

Friday, June 20, 2008

title undecided

It's between the following:
1) Summer is Here!
2) Only 2 More Days Until Vacation!
3) Congrats General Hospital for winning the EMMY for Best Drama Series! (as you all agree...not a big surprise.)

I think I'll go with number 3. So let's continue....

Well it's the 1st day of summer and we only have 2 more days to go until our vacation. I'm for the most part looking forward to it but just can't get over my anxiety about our plane trip over. I'm sure it will go just fine and the worst part will end up being the time I'm currently spending worrying about it.

This morning we went to a Family Park Day with the Mom's club. This was at a park in Senoia, GA. This was the first time I had ever actually driven into Senoia (pronounced Se-NOY by the locals) It was a beautiful little town with a recently renovated downtown area. I'm looking forward to going back soon to just walk around and check out the shops. The park was large with many different play areas to appeal to kids of all ages. There were lots of trees so it made the experience quite enjoyable to be able to be in the shade. Lauren and Tyler had a lot of fun playing with Abigail and Isabella from their playgroup.

Here's a pic of the 4 of them together.
Lauren and Tyler playing in the red "school house."
We also did a craft with puffy paint. Tyler had no interest and chose to hunt for leaves and pine cones but Lauren really enjoyed coloring in a flower mold with the paint.

For lunch we went down the street to the Redneck Gourmet . There is one in Newnan and Senoia but I hadn't gone before today. It was a pretty smooth experience. We went with our playgroup (Isabella and Abigail, along with their Moms and Isabella's older brother and sister.) Lauren had quite the attitude at first (all because Abigail's mom, Miss Nicole had a bag of chips and Lauren decided she wanted them instead of her french fries) But eventually she started eating and finished all of her food for the most part. We did take enough leftovers home for the kids to eat for dinner.

Back home the kids went down for a nap and I did a Netflix rented workout by Nancy Marmorat. Although the last workout dvd of hers I rented was tearfully horrible, I thought this one was okay. Maybe I felt sorry for her but I actually did think I got a toning/stretching workout in. I wasn't completely convinced that I got enough exercise so I ended up doing a General Hospital speed walk. (60 min.; 4.5mph; 2% incline)

For dinner I made red snapper (fish) and veggies baked in an airtight tin foil package. The fish turned out delicious but the veggies tasted like the white wine it was cooked in. I do like white wine but not the taste of veggies drenched in it. So once link to tonight's recipe. The veggies that I didn't bake with the snapper, I sauteed with olive oil and seasoned with Adobo, Garlic Salt and Greek those turned out DELISH.

After dinner I cleaned up while Lauren and Tyler played on the back deck. Lauren filled up a bucket with water from her Hello Kitty Water Jug and then went into the back yard to find leaves, grass, rocks, pine cones etc. etc. see if they would sink or float. She had such a fun time doing this that I'm upset I didn't get a picture.

Finally it was time for PJs, books and bed. They both got to talk to Daddy on the phone before bed and this was the first time that Lauren really talked to him on the phone. It was an actual back and forth conversation. I was very proud and I know her Daddy really enjoyed it too.

I'm sure he's very excited to come home tomorrow and see his adorable kids and most beautiful wife. =)

Till then....'night y'all.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

welcome Mavis

After I finished volunteering at church Tyler was able to pick a toy out of the miscellaneous/mismatched toys box from the preschool room. He chose a train and knew it was "Mavis" just by looking at it. Mavis kept both the kiddos entertained the rest of the day. She was so popular that I had to set the timer for 5 min. so the kids could take turns playing with her. We did this many many times. Finally Tyler stopped crying when it was Lauren's turn to play with her. He did have to sit on the sofa quite a few times until he stopped crying though. I won't be doing that tomorrow. Hopefully her "newness" will have worn off by then. Sorry I didn't get a picture of her but check out this website to learn all about her.

Since I owed Casey some money from the last time she baby-sat I had her come back over to watch the kids while I went to my community group. It was good to get together with other people from church but I wish I would feel more comfortable to talk about personal things, thoughts and questions I have. Hopefully as I keep going I will feel more comfortable. I put in a prayer request for my solo plane trip across the country with the kids this Sunday.

When I got back home Casey told me the kids did just fine. She said she couldn't find Tyler's "blankie" though. Oops. His spare is in the wash and I had his poor blankie in the car with me. She said he didn't cry and just went to bed anyway. Wow! After Casey left I took his blankie in his room and he was just sitting in bed. It seemed like he was waiting for me/the blankie. I laid it on his pillow and he immediately laid down and closed his eyes. Poor little guy.

And that was my day in a nutshell. I'm pretty tired so I will watch the boob toob for a bit and then go to bed. Tomorrow will be a big day doing laundry and figuring out what I need to pack for my much needed VACATION. whoo hoo. G'night All.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"how many dark naps until Daddy gets home?"

That would be 3 more, Lauren. This morning Tyler asked me if "Daddy home?" Not yet, Tyler. And then Lauren asks daily, how many dark naps until Daddy comes home. So although he's working out of town he's always in our hearts and thoughts. (cheesy but true)

Today was a beautiful day. The temps were in the 80s so it would have been a great day to get outside and do something but other than play in the sandbox we stayed close to home. I was getting mentally and physically prepared for our trip back home next week. I can't wait. The only sad thing is we'll only see Matt for one day. He gets back from his conference on Saturday and the kids and I leave on Sunday. We'll be sure to have a high quality day together when he gets home. He'll be out West with us soon enough though.

I don't have much else to say about today so I'll just describe it from the pics I took.

This morning we had to do the obligatory Thomas video. This was Tyler's preferred pose of the day. He loves to cross his leg over his knee. Too cute!

While Tyler watched a Thomas DVD, Lauren actually acted it out on the train set. This was a big pile up that Thomas had to come save the day.
One of my favorite t-shirts Tyler has....

Dinner was Ziti pasta with pancetta, green beans and basil. It was light, easy and really just okay. It was good but not to die for so no link to the recipe.

We had a special bath time tonight in my big bathtub. The kids loved all the bubbles and didn't want to get out.

On our way back downstairs to read books, Lauren insisted on helping Tyler down the stairs. She's such a loving and caring sister. And I'm sure Tyler knows how lucky he is...if not she's gonna remind him every chance she gets.

Way to Go Celtics

I started to write this last night and the title was Go Celtics but my computer was giving me so many problems that I thought I should just shut down before I threw it out the window. So this morning I now know the Celtics won, hence the title change.

On Monday Matt didn't go in to the office before his trip out of town. Instead we ran some important grooming errands. I needed to get my nails and toes done and the kids needed hair-cuts. To save time Matt took the kids to get trimmed while I was at USA Nails. To ensure Tyler didn't come back with a buzz cut I wrote explicit instructions to the stylist on a napkin in the car..."no buzz cut" and a request to layer Lauren's bangs and hair. We decided to try a new place. We normally go to Snip-Its. (a specially-for-kids salon) It's colorful, has TVs, music, prizes and they charge a bit more for their cuts but the employees (at least where we go) don't seem to put much effort into making it an exciting experience. They actually don't really seem to like their job much at all. So to try something new and hopefully save some money we took them to Great Clips (there are one of these or something like it on almost every corner.) Matt said he was very impressed. He said he had to be by Tyler who was bit nervous so Lauren was on her own. He said L talked and talked to the stylist and had a great time. She even let her blow dry her hair. I really liked how they cut her hair too. We may have found a new place (and it was half the price of the premium kids salon.) How's that for a long winded description of a hair cut? and no pics to follow up.

Matt almost got off on his work trip without a hitch. Due to an accident on the Interstate he was 5 min. late for his flight. Luckily he only had to wait 1 1/2 hours for the next flight. He made it to Panama Beach, FL for a meeting and then Tuesday he flew to his conference in DC.

Tuesday morning I wanted to take the kids to see Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium. The Georgian Cinema's offer free movies during the summer for kids and this is the one playing this month. When I drove by I saw 4 buses parked outside and long long lines of kids. I just kept driving. Maybe we'll try again when it's a cartoon and I'm sure the kids would really enjoy it. Instead we went to a bookstore and made it in time for their story-time. It was pretty cool. 1) Lauren and Tyler were the only kids there and got to pick their books and 2) they had the coolest Thomas train set the kid's have ever seen. We stayed there for over an hour playing and I found a couple of activities and books to pull out on the plane trip this Sunday.

Story-time...a Thomas book by request

Tyler really loved playing with Harold. I think he needs one.

Since Matt was out of town we had a Christine-style dinner. fruits and veggies. I did throw in some left over chicken from yesterday. Corn on the cob, cukes, red pepper slices and carrot sticks with honey mustard dip and hummus, watermelon and chicken bites. The kids LOVED the corn on the cob. They each ate a whole one (2 halves.)

After dinner Miss Casey came over to watch the kids while I went to the neighborhood pool for a Mom's Night Out pool party with the Mom's club. There were about 8 of us there and we had a good time. I brought some veggies and dips and also made Oatmeal Raisin bars. We're trying to plan a Wii Rockband night for the next one.

Hope everyone's having a good week.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

no pickles in the bath tub continue where we left off yesterday. The kids were napping and Matt was mowing lawns..... The next significant and yummy thing was dinner. We had grilled tilapia with cherry salsa and Texas two-bean salad. Matt said this was delicious. Instead of grilling the tilapia I baked it. (Matt was busy mowing lawns and I didn't want to fire up the charcoal grill myself...some things I'm not ready to learn.)
After dinner we went outside in the front yard to play. We attracted the attention of Mr. Mike and his kids, big Tyler and Tera and also Joshua and David from across the street. The boys all played together while the girls (Lauren and Tera) dashed off upstairs into Lauren's bedroom. They were so cute together. As I was eaves-dropping I heard them making high pitch doll voices and they were interacting with each other more than I've ever witnessed before. It was sooo cool! Here's a couple pictures I was able to take.

I even got a picture of all the boys playing downstairs. Yes, that's my Tyler flopped down on his tummy because I asked him to look at the camera. Go figure.
Later that night we invited Mr. Mike and his Tyler and Tera to stay to watch movies. We set the kids up in the spare bedroom in the basement while us adults watched "Lars and the Real Girl" in the main room in the basement. We weren't too sure how kid friendly this movie would be just by reading the title and summary. But it ended up being suitable for the occasional pass through made by a kid in the need of some attention...juice...snack...or whatever.
Since Lauren and Tera played so well together I invited Tera to go with us to Dixieland Fun Park on Sunday. I thought it opened at 10am so we got there about 10:30 only to find out it opens at 1pm on Sundays. So as not to spoil a good outing we found a nearby park and played there and had our lunch of peanut butter and honey sandwiches before heading back out to Dixieland. Here's a shot of Tera and Tyler peaking out of a tunnel at the park. Tera was a big daredevil at the park and I think she encouraged Lauren to try new things. It was a lot of fun and the tree cover and occasional breeze made it bearable too.

At Dixieland the girls went on a couple of rides together. Tyler, Tera and Daddy went on the boat ride and they got to squirt water on Lauren and I who opted not to go on the ride. Here's a picture of Tera and Lauren on the "race car" ride (as they called it.)

After doing the outside rides we went into the kid's maze in the air-conditioned playroom. Everybody had a blast here and time flew by. Finally Tera and Lauren were showing obvious signs of "having had enough" so we decided to call it a day. Tera rode in the stroller out to the car and Lauren cried the whole way...she wasn't ready to go yet. Poor girl. She only had to fret for a few minutes as her and Tyler were both asleep by the time we exited the parking lot.

After we dropped Tera off at home we put our kids to nap and I started to prepare Matt's Father's Day Feast. He's such a good Daddy that I wanted to make a meal for him that had some actual RED MEAT in it to enjoy his special day. Of course I wanted it grilled on the BBQ (so he had to grill it) but's the thought that counts right?!

While the food was cooking Lauren presented Daddy with her and Tyler's 2nd father's day gift of the year to him. At church last week she made Daddy this and today I traced Tyler's hand to add his signature to the gift. (Tyler didn't hold still long enough but you get the point.)

For dinner we had Grilled Steak Sandwiches w/ Goat Cheese and Arugula, Twice-baked Potato Bites and Green Beans with Cider Vinaigrette.

It was sooo good. The bread I used for the sandwich was a bit tough but the potatoes and beans were to die for. I will definitely make this again but next time use a home-made egg bread for the steak sandwich. I can't wait. The heat wasn't quite miserable enough to keep us inside so we enjoyed our dinner on our new patio furniture on the back deck. We hope all you special Dad's had a wonderful Father's Day today. (it's a bit bittersweet for me since this is the first since losing my own father last August.)

P.S. to elaborate on the title of today's post....during bath tonight Lauren informed me that she brought some pickles into the bathtub. (I have no idea what made her say this as she absolutely DID NOT bring any pickles into the bathtub.) Tyler got a complete kick out of this. I told them that the new rule was that there would be "No Pickles In The Bathtub". This (for some unknown reason) brought out big big laughs from the both of them....and this phrase has been on my mind ever since.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

free time

The kids are napping and I still have a few minutes before it's time to fix dinner so I thought I'd take a break from surfing the blogs and post about our morning/afternoon. First I should say that I found a pretty funny blog today that you might want to check out in all your free time. The Lawson's Did Dallas The author of the blog is pretty witty, funny and has a 2 year old son. I guess we have somethings in common. I'm a bit disappointed that my blog is not as witty as hers...maybe I'll work on that.

This morning I wrote out the weekly menu and made up the grocery list while Matt and the kids played "crash cars" in the basement. They love to play crash cars with Daddy. Tyler is still a bit afraid of the noisy cars (they rev up when you shake them and then take off on the track when you set them down.)

At 10am I took off for my hair appointment. It was time to get rid of the 2 inch dark brown grow out that is oozing out of my head. I would think after high-lighting my hair for so long that it would learn...but then Miss Cary would be out of $125 every 6 weeks. Anyway, I love my color and cut (the cut is the same as last time.) I took 4 pictures of myself but according to me I looked way too tired to post them on the blog. I'm also lacking make-up today so that might be part of it. Anyway, imagine your favorite movie star (tired and without make-up) and it pretty much looks just like that.

While I was getting my hair done the kids and Daddy watched the movie "Cars" Lauren said that Tyler really likes this movie and she wanted Daddy to play it for him. She's so sweet...most of the time.

After I got home we had lunch and then headed to Home Depot and the grocery store. I had them drop me off at the grocery store to save some time. I gave both Tyler and Lauren the option to go with me or go to Home Depot with Daddy. Lauren shouted out an adamant "DADDY!!" but my sweet darling favorite little boy in the world, Tyler happily chose me and the grocery store. How I love that boy! =) Although it was slightly more difficult with him (he kept telling me "I need that" to everything he saw and wanted to put everything I took off the shelf into the cart himself...which was fine but just took some time and mommy finesse to make sure nothing was broken) he was for the most part wonderful and I felt so special to be chosen over the almost-always-preferred-over-mommy-DADDY. After we were done Daddy and Lauren picked us up. They found a sink faucet and shower head for the basement bathroom.

sink faucet

shower headthe basement bathroom that [obviously] is nowhere near ready for them. ha ha ha

Just a quick jab at Matt. But knowing him...this unfinished project will burn a hole in his pocket? and he will finish it in no time at all. ...after his work trips and after our summer vacation of course.

Back home now the kids are napping and Matt is mowing the neighbors' lawns. He mowed ours yesterday so he only had 2 to do today.

And finally to close (as I hear movement upstairs) I'd like to share my disgusts at 1) unleaded gas prices and 2) our over-sized and yet NEEDED big gas guzzling vehicle by re-posting this picture from the gas station yesterday.

Friday, June 13, 2008

"it's not fair," says Tyler

Tyler has been talking a lot more recently...or maybe it's just the fact that he's more understandable now. His favorite phrases are "it's not fair" (regardless if it makes sense) and "don't do that." It's funny and scary at the same time. I don't want my baby to grow up quite yet but apparently he's doing it anyway.

This morning we had our Friday playdate. This week we were at Miss Cynthia's house.
She has 2 boys, Kyle (about 4) and Seth (about 2). Miss Nicole was there with Abigail as well. For the first hour my kids played right by my side but the second hour they relaxed a bit and played in the play room and also played with their friends.

After playgroup we all held our breaths as I drove to the gas station. The "low fuel" light has been on for a couple of trips now. Well I made it to Kroger where I get a 10 cent per gallon discount, keep in mind. The fill cost me over $90. I never thought this would happen...maybe I'm dating myself but c'mon....I remember thinking it outrageous when we spent $50 to fuel up when we first got the denali. Here's proof of our purchase. I was in shock and had to document the event with a picture.

On our way home we picked up some Taco Bell for lunch. My last batch of bread didn't turn out and so we didn't have much at home for lunch. I had bean burritos and the kids had TB's newest item...the cheesy roll-ups. Yumm and yuck at the same time.

While the kids napped I did a GH workout and then made a new batch of bread. I'm happy to say that this loaf turned out much better.

After the kids woke up Joshua (he's probably 5 years old and lives across the street..Morgan's little brother) came over and asked if he could play. I sent all of them outside to play in the sandbox and later had them come inside to have a slices and animal crackers. Lauren really enjoyed his visit. She stuck by his side the whole time. Here's a picture of her watching him play her Leapster video game.

Tonight was my Bunco night so I told Matt him and the kids were on their own for dinner. He opted to take them back to the Mellow Mushroom. I sent the camera with him to take a few shots but he said his hands were full the entire time. I guess the kids did okay but they weren't quite perfect angels for him. I'll have to ask him for more details later.

I had a good time at Bunco. I didn't win any money but enjoyed the time chatting with the ladies.

And for the last shot on the camera....
Matt discovered his Father's Day present which wasn't hidden well enough and so we let him open it. The kids (I) got him some Molasses Clove cookies from Dancing Deer Bakery. I heard about this bakery from one of the blogs I love to read and wanted to try them out. Matt enjoyed his present even though it was a few days early.

And now I'm off to brush my teeth and get to bed. We have a lot to do this weekend before Matt heads out of town.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

wednesday & thursday

Yesterday we went to DixieLand Fun Park. I knew this was close to our house but I didn't realize how close until I went on this Mom's Club suggested activity. It was crazy hot but we were able to enjoy ourselves none-the-less. We did a couple outside rides and then went inside to play on the toys in the air-conditioned room but after our brown bag lunch of PB & honey sandwiches & raisins & crackers we had a new wind and Lauren wanted to try out some of the other rides. She really enjoyed them but Tyler was a bit too scared to go on them. We'll go back very soon, however, and let Lauren go on as many rides as she wants.

Later that evening we had a massive thunderstorm. While the thunder was rumbling, I noticed Tyler kept peeking out the window.

Shortly after we got some serious rain.

Shortly after that the power went out for about an hour or so. Tyler did okay but Lauren was a bit freaked out. We brought down many many candles and tried to have as much fun as possible during the outage. Even Miss Dana came over to enjoy the excitement since her kids were at Grammy's house for the week. Matt stayed late at work so as not to drive through the torrential downpour but he got home in time to put the kids to bed.

And today was a typical Thursday. I volunteered at church and both kiddos played in the adjacent room while I helped out with the Sunday school preparation. After being overly busy for the most part of this week, the kids and I were all exhausted, We all took a nap this afternoon. Mine only lasted 1 hr. while the kids napped 3 hrs. plus. I'm so jealous.

This evening we had homemade pizza with ricotta, sauteed asparagus, green onions & sun-dried tomatoes.

After dinner I started a deep clean of the house while Daddy and the kids played outside. The kiddos enjoyed a lemonade pop and had fun cruising around in the wagon.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day and love to all.