Monday, May 30, 2011

Farewell First Grade!

Here is Lauren's First Grade Class on Awards Day.
(for the life of me I can not get the picture turned around on the blog)
(when I grow up I will learn to be more computer savvy) 
That's better...(but that's only half the class)
Lauren is in purple.
Each student stood up in front of the class and parents to read a special poem using all the letters in their name.  (I recorded Lauren reading hers but video takes too long to download.  Come visit and I'll play it for you.)

Lions are my favorite animal.
At school, work is easy.
Using a dictionary makes works easy to draw.
Running is fun.
Eating is fun.
New toys are fun to play with.

After the awards and poetry reading it was time for a snack. 
 And a picture with her first grade teacher, Mrs. Kelly.  We'll miss you!
Awards day was on Thursday.  The last day of school was Friday and Lauren wanted to make sure I mentioned that on the blog.  She wanted everyone one to know that she wore her favorite shirt on the last day of school.  This favorite shirt came from JUSTICE (she was so excited to finally shop there because all her friends shop there?!) and she got to color it in herself.

Introducing my big 2nd grader wearing her self-colored-in "Justice" t-shirt.
I love you Lauren!
my BFF  =)

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