Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tyler's Spring Program and Art Show

The other evening Tyler had his Pre-School Spring Program.  He must have known something big was going on because right after school he took a two hour nap on his chair.  (the boy was O-U-T)
Eventually he got dressed in his Spring Program (dressy yet casual) attire.  Forgive my iPhone photo but the boy was looking good!
 Even his sister thought he looked good enough to pose with.  (how cute!)
 The pre-schoolers sang four songs during the program.
1.  My God is So Big
2.  What a Mighty Hand (couldn't find this on YouTube)
3.  What a Mighty God We Serve
4.  Mighty, Mighty, Savior

Tyler sang every word.  His Dad and I were so proud!
The next day was the Art Show (aka end of school party.)  Each child in the class had their own sheet of art work displayed on the wall.  This was Tyler's.
 Here he is with his Pre-K teachers.  Mrs. White and Ms. Lee.
And here is a picture of a picture of his class photo.  (Matt loves it when I do this.)  Blurry but you get the point.  (there are a lot more boys in class than girls!)
I am going to miss First Baptist Pre-K.  We've been going there for the last FIVE years and what I thought would never happened happened.  My children grew up and both of them became school-age.  Next year Tyler and Lauren will attend the local elementary school.  *sniffle and a tear*

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