Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pre-School Bike Rodeo

Tyler had his pre-school Bike Rodeo today. All the kids at school LOVE this day. They get to bring their bikes (and helmets) to school and ride them instead of learning their letters, numbers and bible verses. A child's definition of AWESOME!

The POLICE were there to teach them about bike safety. And also to quiz us parents on the helmet law. (Who knew it is a law for children to wear bicycle helmets until they are 16?)

Bike Rodeo Day is not complete without a break for some snacks.

If this video (recorded from my new iPhone) ever downloads it should show Tyler riding his bike around the chalk-outlined bike trail. Yours truly is actually the artist of the bike trail. I showed up to volunteer and the coordinator asked if I would draw the bike trail. I said, "uh, I guess."

Before I go I should mention our dinner. Matt and I loved it and the kiddos ate about half of their serving. (When they eat half of what I make then it's a dinner worth blogging about.)

(I had a chicken breast left from a previous meal so I

cut it into strips, sauteed it up and added it to the delish dish.)
May the Fourth Be With You
(get it?...May 4th + Star Wars?!)
(I can't help but be this cool.)

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