Monday, July 2, 2012

Swimming at the "Y"

I was only going to post my Weekly Menu but...

I took this picture at swim lessons today and realized that we are already into our 2nd to last week of lessons and I haven't posted a picture yet.

Lauren and Tyler have lessons at the same time.  Lauren is in the Advanced Beginner class and Tyler is in the Beginner class.

They both start off their lessons with the same game.
"First You, Then Me"
First, the kids get to splash the teacher by kicking water at them.
Then, the teacher gets to splash the kids by KICKING water at them.
The first time they played this game was hilarious.
I don't think the kids realized they were about to be drenched.
It's a great way to get used to the water though.

The kids LOVE their swim lessons and I'm very impressed with the swim program at our local YMCA.

---How Cool is This?!---
I've been to the Y a thousand times but today I finally noticed that my name was on a block in the courtyard in front of the building.  I never paid to purchase a block so it may belong to another Christine with my same last name but what are the odds?!


brian said...

Someone has a secret admirer...

Christine said...

If you notice, all the girls are looking at Tyler. ;)

damwhite said...

I got my daily dose of Christine - until tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

It is really hot in "your neck of the woods". I like your Christine block and the Office Managers duds! Nice. Grandma Jan