Saturday, June 30, 2012

Casual Friday

Friday was definitely casual.
Matt wore shorts and flip flops to work.
I hope the office manager didn't mind.

During the day the kids and I casually watched the thermometer in the kitchen window approach and then blow right past the100 degree mark.
Then we went to swim at Ian and Eric's neighborhood pool.

They pretty much just poached in the water.

What else could they do when it is One Hundred and Eleven degrees out.
(please disregard the boy in the backseat...I wouldn't want to embarrass him)

Later that evening, once it cooled to a casual 103 degrees, Matt took Lauren to see the Braves play the Nationals.

Their seats were all right.
Pretty close to the third base line I suppose.

Daddy and his girl 
(Lauren sporting her new Braves t-shirt)

a casual diva

They were so close to Chipper Jones that I believe he asked them to call him "Chip."

A girl can't be expected to watch an entire baseball game, right?!
Eventually she must walk around and enjoy all sorts of goodies and take pictures with animal statues.

It may have been a casual Friday but it's a day we are sure not to forget.
(record breaking temperatures and a Daddy Daughter date to the Braves game)
(I'm sure Tyler won't forget this day either once he realizes I posted his nose-pickin picture on my Facebook page and also this blog.  Sorry buddy!)

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brian said...

looks like a fun daddy daughter date.