Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Time Photo Dump

Vacation is coming up and I really need to get packing.  But...I have so many pictures from our fun weekend that I want to put on the blog.  If I don't just slap them up here they probably won't make it because I'm sure I'll be overwhelmed with all the pictures to post after our trip to Miramar Beach.
So please, take your time and enjoy my Big Time Photo Dump.
(Seriously, take your time it may be awhile before I post again.)

Tyler's last T-Ball game.
He played left-field and 3rd and almost hit another coach pitch.

Hike around Lake Peachtree and then McDonalds for lunch

Date Night
drinks & dinner

the Races in Senoia

Here's a video for you.

(The best part of the night was the Waterless Boat Race but that took place after dark and I couldn't get a good picture.)

Daddy and the kids made rockets and launched them!
Awesome fun!

Rocket Blast Off: take one

Rocket Blast Off: take two

Chilling at the Pool

 Momma wanted Sushi for dinner and the family went along for fun.
Fun with Chopsticks

Nerf Gun Wars!
The fun never ends!

I hope you enjoyed my Big Time Photo Dump.
(Now I seriously need to pack!)


brian said...

I thoroughly enjoy the photo dumps.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and videos. Have fun at the beach. We will be thinking of you! Grandma Jan & Grandpa Michael