Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursdays at the Pool

Thursdays at the Pool are on once again.  I've been hosting this for a few years now.  Every Thursday during the Summer Break from school I invite a bunch of my Mom's club friends over to swim at our neighborhood pool.  It's like a community play-date.

While Lauren and Tyler splatter painted away at their last day of Clay Camp today I spent a relaxing morning at the pool chatting with friends.  It was a beautiful day.  80s and low humidity.  In the afternoon, I left briefly to pick L and T up from camp and brought them right back to the pool.

Let the good times roll!

Tyler's loading his gun to soak the girls.

After spending all day Thursday at the pool, I came home with a mild sunburn on my forehead (which is ridiculous because my make-up said it had an SPF of 8! hehehe.) My children, however, came home with their creative juices flowing. They wanted to perform (or they were just delirious.)

Lauren and Tyler put on a play for Matt and I.  Check it out.

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