Thursday, June 28, 2012

Half Empty

(half empty and long winded)
Lately my glass has not been full.
I've been feeling a bit "Half Empty."

About a month ago a neighbor and friend of ours was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer.  This news punched me in the gut and got me thinking about my own life story (and what challenges my family and I will battle in the future.)  Our neighbor Phil is going through chemo yet has such a positive attitude.  He's doing great but prayers are appreciated.

So.... now that I've mentioned that, I feel ashamed to complain about my trivial hardships but this is my 'Half Empty' post and I still have more to spill.

On Monday this week, Lauren, Tyler and Matt went into the woods in the backyard searching for the perfect tree in which to build a tree house.  Later that day Matt left for a work trip and the kiddos and I  enjoyed the rest of the day and went to bed as normal.  

At about midnight Lauren came into my room crying because her "bug bites itched."  I told her I was sorry but to go back to bed.  At 3am she came back into my room crying again because she still couldn't sleep because of all the bug bites.  I got up this time and sweetly tucked her back into bed but basically told her not to "think about it and just GO TO SLEEP!"

Well when Tyler came into my bedroom crying about his bug bites at 5 in the morning I realized something must be going on.  I had him show me his bug bites...and show me he did.  He had multiple bites under his armpits, behind his knees, on his back, up and down his legs but most of them were on his private parts.  What the heck?!  I then had Lauren show me where her bug bites were and it was the SAME thing!

After a consultation with Dr. Google I determined it was most likely Chigger Bites and then I called the pediatrician to make sure.  Doc confirmed my diagnosis and told me to treat it with colloidal oatmeal baths, Benadryl, hydrocortisone cream and ice.  It was a rough few days with a lot of tears, pain and anguish.  Bottom line:  Chigger bites are the WORST!  I didn't feel it was appropriate to take any pictures of the ordeal but I did snap a couple of shots when the kiddos started to feel better.

Lauren felt queasy for some reason (unrelated to the chigger bites) hence, the pink bucket.

We will be spraying our yard and possibly the whole neighborhood for bugs this weekend!

I'm also pretty bummed that one of my dear friends is moving to New York in two weeks.  (But deep down I'm happy for the opportunity for her family.)  Susan has always kept my glass more than half full and I'm going to miss her and her family a lot.  (Lately, when she's around I shut down, back off,  and refuse to acknowledge she's really leaving but I know she reads this and,  "Susan, I'm really gonna miss you!"  Okay, pass me a Kleenex please.)

Matt and I are going to miss Susan and her kiddos Ian and Eric, but we'll remember our exciting adventures.
We'll also miss Susan's other half Dave. 
He takes the best Kinneared photos and always makes us laugh.

And to top it off the temperatures today and throughout this weekend in Atlanta are going to be in the 100s.  106 degrees on Saturday and that does not take into account the humidity.

It was 102 degrees at 3pm today
(the heat doesn't stop T from snuggling with his blanket)

Having grown up in the Oregon chill and drizzle I swore I'd never complain about the heat and sunshine.  So although it being a soupy One Hundred and Two degrees here:  *I'm*Not*Complaining.* [said through gritted sweaty teeth.]

Matt was concerned this post would be too depressing and he asked if I was going to include something positive.  So here you go.  Although my glass seems to be running on empty lately there are plenty of things to fill it up.

Such as Tyler's t-ball swim party...

Bedroom decorations inspired by an American Girl Doll Magazine...

And headbands from Peru (thanks Grammy!)

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Anonymous said...

Poor kids. The Chiggers sound terrible. Lauren & Tyler I'm glad u r feeling better. Did Matt just luck out with no bites? So glad our Idaho bugs are few! It is sad to see your friends move to NY but now you have a good excuse to visit a new place! Grandma Jan