Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend in Helen

This weekend was un-BEAR-ably fun!
(I'm'll find out why soon)
We rented a cabin with Dave, Susan and their boys in Helen, Georgia.
I was able to snap this picture while driving because all traffic in Helen, 24-7, 365, is Stop and Go.
Although we had to drive clear up a bumpy gravel road to get to our cabin, the views were Amazing.
Check out this view from the hot tub on the screened-in porch. 
or check out this YouTube video I just found of our cabin
(I'm totally rocking the background music)

drinks on the patio

Georgia Mountain Sunrise
(photo credit goes to Dave who got up for a 2-hour early morning run) 

Our main goal in Helen was to "tube the Hooch"
(float the Chattahoochee River)

This picture I took during one of our Stop and Go drives does not do justice to just how many people were floating the river.
(ka-billions, I tell ya)

I think we all had a great time.
It was hot but the water was cool and refreshing.
The water was shallow, the bed was rocky but we had our River Sticks to help navigate.

Matt and Tyler floated together and finished long before we did.
Luckily he was at the top and able to snap pictures of us slow-pokes.

Lauren and I

Dave, Susan, Ian and Eric

We also hiked up to Anna Ruby Falls.
the gang (minus photographer Susan)

the four of us

Our plans for the weekend were to go tubing and enjoy the neat little German town of Helen.
We did all that but I'm pretty sure the kids will remember this trip as the time they saw the BEAR!!

They were playing downstairs when the boys ran up and said they saw a bear.
At first we thought they were joking but instantly became curious.

Nope, they weren't joking!

 Matt got pictures of the bear from the the front porch about 5 feet away.  (All the pictures I took were through the basement windows.)  The previous renters left their garbage in the bungee corded garbage can outside.  This was no match for the mid-size black bear.  I watched as he stuck his head right in the garbage and pulled out a box of fried chicken (he ate it bones and all.)  I've never seen a wild bear before and was really impressed by his muscle tone, big teeth and the fact he didn't really care that we were all watching him.

The great company, great food and all the excitement truly made it an un-BEAR-ably fun weekend.

P.S. The encounter with the fearless bear reminded me of the Honey Badger mentioned in this video.
(not suitable for children or the workplace)

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brian said...

I love that Honey Badger video. Pretty neat pics of the bear!