Thursday, July 28, 2011

Damage Control

My Dad did all he could and I don't blame him.

Despite his best efforts, both of my brothers turned to the dark side 
and got their college degrees at Oregon State.
(Oregon State WHO?  I know!, right?)

I choke up just typing it.

(see below:  me looking awesome, brother Kevin with the stalwart face and baseball cap and Brian in the black shirt silently screaming SUPERSTAR)
such a perfect Oregon Duck family 
What went wrong with the boys??

Having a family of my own, I didn't worry too much about my brothers' bad decisions.
However, I should have been more careful because my SUPERSTAR brother Brian has bonded with my son and has him slightly brainwashed.

Brian and Tyler playing
(an obvious picture of Brian implementing his master Beaver plan)

I didn't realize how bad it was until we were on the plane home from Oregon to Georgia.
Right after take off Tyler told/yelled at me that he liked the Oregon Ducks the SAME as the Justin Beavers.
(He meant the Oregon State Beavers but I'll never tell him that.)
Enough people chuckled on the plane that...

...Damage Control starts immediately.

Go Ducks!

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brian said...

It takes a Superstar to be a Beaver! Go Beavs.