Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wild West 2011: Idaho Edition

Greetings from Idaho
We've been busy living not blogging but I wanted to catch you up on our latest going-ons.
I bring you the photo version of our Wild West 2011 vacation.  The Idaho Edition.

Garden Valley, Idaho

Tyler and MeMa (Matt's step-mom)

Lauren and PaPa (Matt's Dad) on the South Fork of the Payette

 MeMa and PaPa's backyard

pretending to bass fish

he caught a guppy

the Idaho beach
(Horseshoe Bend Mill Pond)

Lauren and Madison

 We'll miss you MeMa and PaPa

McCall, Idaho
a weekend in the mountains

Grandpa Michael (Matt's step-dad) and Grandma Jan (Matt's Mom)

Payette Lake
(yes, that's snow still on the mountains)

 Boise, Idaho

the Boise fam
(Uncle Todd & Aunt Jennifer (Matt's sister) & cousins Madison and Crisstopher
Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael)
thanks Steve and Tammy for the photo shoot!

 you can't get much cooler

Celebrating Madison and Crisstophers birthdays
(in the hot tub on a 90 degree day)

soupy wood chips, anyone?

 We'll see you later Idaho!
Stay cool.

Oregon you better get ready.  We'll be seeing you tomorrow.

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