Monday, August 1, 2011

Grilling Confession

We ate Carolina Barbecue Burgers for dinner tonight.
(similar to this recipe but I used 96% lean ground sirloin instead of the ground turkey)
Since these were to be grilled on the charcoal grill I expected Matt to actually grill them up for me.
Matt has been extremely busy at work AND he's been on vacation 3 of the past 4 weeks.

He called me to say he'd be working late.

I've never told Matt this but I've always thought I could manage the charcoal grill myself.
(behold my Grilling Confession)
This was my opportunity to find out. 

I rolled up some newspaper and added it to the bottom of the charcoal chimney, then I added my briquets and lit the newspaper.  10 minutes later it looked like this.

Burgers and Onions a-grill
They turned out pretty well.  Not as juicy as Matt would have made them but the kids ate their entire burger each and for that I'm super proud.

My name is Christine and if need be, I can use the charcoal grill.


Matt said...

I guess you don't need me anymore...

Christine said...

I do need you if I want mine medium rare. I can handle the well dones though.