Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Knot Untangled

When I had kids, no one ever sat me down, looked me in the eye and told me that my children would really, actually, one day grow up to be their very own person.  Their life path was so knotted and twisted (and intertwined with mine) that I naively didn't think it would ever Really work its way out.  However, since the day they were born their self experiences have been working through the knots and Untangling themselves to tell their very own (separate from my) life stories.

(I'm sure it gets worse as they get older but I'm already feeling it this week.)

So with that said, school is back in session and since Tyler is now in Kindergarten (All Day Long) I'm getting  used to the mostly empty and very quiet house.  I made myself a schedule to keep busy and to not dwell on things.

I'm back at the gym daily (after taking about 6 weeks off this summer.)  Already my back feels better but my muscles sure do ache from the new workouts.  I also have a Zone cleaning schedule for the house.  (You know, clean one area each day and eventually the house gets clean)

I thought I would be a total wreck now that my BABY TYLER was at school all day.  However, the fact that he LOVES it and comes home bursting with great stories makes me feel a lot better.

Unfortunately, some of his stories involve a girl on the bus.  She's a first grader and Tyler calls her "the crazy one."  He told me today she said she wanted to marry him and she even tried to kiss him.

As cute as he is I don't blame her but I told Tyler to tell her and anyone else! that His Momma said no one was allowed to kiss him....Until I Say So! (or at least 20 years from now.)
Needless to say, Untangling my Life is an exciting journey!  I'm glad you're here with me.  Lord knows I need the support.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I am late in reading your last blogs. Michael asked me if I had enough tissues on hand by the computer! I had a box. This is really a change in your life! I was just looking at old pictures today, looking at different hair styles I have had because I am going to get my hair cut and highlighted next week. I need a change. Anyway, I came across a photo several years ago with Lauren and Tyler that is so cute and I also like part of my hair color and style. I guess I can't attach it to this comment but I will send it to your email. Brings back all those memories of "little kids". Love, Grandma Jan