Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet the Teacher

 Last Friday was Meet the Teacher Day at Lauren and Tyler's school.  (I'm wiping a tear from my eye because they are both old enough to go to the same elementary school.)

Lauren let me braid her bangs back into a ponytail but she told me she wants to cut them back before school starts.
I think they look pretty cute as they are and she can JUST ABOUT tuck them behind her ear.
Oh well, she knows what she wants and I respect that.

Anyway, back to Meet the Teacher Day.
Tyler has the same teacher Lauren had in Kindergarten...we know her and we love her.
That was a given but, Lauren's 2nd grade teacher...
She called Lauren the other day to welcome her to her class.
Then, at Meet the Teacher Day, she greeted Lauren by name as we walked in the classroom.
(She said she studied last year's yearbook to help her recognize her students.)
I love this type of dedication!  Dare I call her the perfect teacher?
We'll find out soon since school started today!

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nicole. said...

yeah for teachers :)

yes, there are some of us that are dedicated and good!!!!