Monday, August 22, 2011

What Have I Done?!!

Look what I've gotten myself into:

The volunteer coordinator at the Elementary School called last week while I was at the gym.  In her message, she said she was looking for a Room Mom for Lauren's classroom and would I be interested?
I conveniently took my time getting  back to her thinking she'd find someone else.
(I am SO NOT Room Mom material.  I've come to terms with the fact that I am not a leader nor one of those Type As like Room Moms are supposed to be.)

This week, while I was at the gym, the volunteer coordinator called and left a message AGAIN.
She was still having trouble finding a Room Mom and would I please consider it and call her today to discuss.
She got me thinking:  I may not have the confidence but I certainly do have the time.
I'm lucky enough not to have to work outside of the home.
My one and only reason for not working is to be there for my kids..

So I called her back and said, despite it being out of my comfort zone, I'll be Room Mom to Lauren's class.
Very much relieved, she reassured me everything would be okay and she'd give me more direction at the Room Mom meeting tomorrow evening.

When Lauren got home from school I told her I was going to be her class's Room Mom.  I told her I was nervous because it was something I had not done before and it was the same feeling she gets when she does new things.
She told me I should cry a lot then because that is what she does when she is nervous.

I felt an immediate shift in my thinking when I heard her say this.
It went from being about (poor) me to about being a good example to her.

Although I may be nervous and out of my comfort zone I'm going to give it my all, do my best and have fun. 
Lesson to learn:
It takes courage to go out of your comfort zone but the rewards will be worth it.
 (I hope!)

Lauren's 2nd Grade Room Mom


nicole. said...

speaking as a teacher, we love room mom's and are so thankful for those who are willing and able to participate.

you will have a great time and i promise you will enjoy every. singe. second.

signed, a thankful teacher ;)

Gloria said...

How funny. I was thinking of calling you to see if you had thought about helping out at school - volunteer coordinator beat me to it. I think you will be a great room mom. The kids won't notice any nervousness on your part - and the teacher will LOVE you.

Good luck with this new venture - and enjoy!

Grandma Jan said...

Way to go, new Room Mom!! You will do a great job!!
Grandma Jan

Leslie Watts said...

you'll be great. i did it last year.You will probably do it every year from now on when you realize just how little parents participate in the classroom. I know i was amazed & don't want to be like that for my kids...and although i am not room mom to Delaney's class, i will be there 2x a week to help with flex time..

brian said...

I think that is a great decision. You'll enjoy it and whether she tells you or not, Lauren will enjoy it also.