Monday, August 8, 2011

Kindergarten and Second Grade

 Today was the First Day of School!!
(why they start the year so early is beyond me)

The kids slept fine last night but I tossed and turned all night with anticipation.
Lauren and Tyler
First Day of School, 2011

Tyler is ready to go.
Nap-Mat in the Back-Pack, Lunch Bag in hand and looking pretty cool.
He proudly picked out his own outfit.

 Look at my big Second Grader!
Her bangs are pretty cute, eh?

Waiting for the bus.

Lauren knows the drill but where is Tyler going?!

They ended up sitting together in the first row/window.
As I waved goodbye I noticed Tyler tearing up and blinking very quickly to try to hide it.
This about sent me over the edge. 
I kept a smile on my face until the bus pulled away.
Then I had a teary moment because my (last baby) boy was on the bus going to school.
...welcome to the rest of my life....(sniff)

I kept myself busy with a pre-written schedule so I wouldn't dwell on things.
2 hours at the gym, weekly groceries, zone cleaning (house cleaning,) shower, WAIT FOR THE BUS!!

I was so excited when they finally got home from school.
I tried to quiz them for information but they weren't having it.
They both told me they had fun and liked their teachers and pretty much agreed to all the questions I asked.
Tyler was the only one who offered up some personal information.

He said "there's a crazy one and a naughty one in my class, but no one pulled a stick."
(when they get in trouble by the teacher they have to pull a stick)

Lauren already had homework.  It was a weekly assignment but she wanted to get as much done as she could.  She spent an hour! doing homework after-school.

Tyler, who had no homework, fell asleep waiting for Lauren to finish.  He was asleep 30 minutes after getting home.  It was a BIG DAY for him for sure.
(did you notice the change in outfit?  When he got home he decided he needed to change out of his school clothes.  They weren't  fancy to begin with but he knows what he wants. He is definitely a 'Little Man!')

I'm very excited for this school year.
We love the teachers and I can't wait to see how much they learn.

Time to go read now.
Lauren gets to read to us for 20 minutes every night.

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