Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh My Weekend

Oh My Goodness.
This has been quite the weekend and we are only half way through.
Lauren is at her absolute BEST* right now.  
*said with sarcasm!
Last night she attended her first birthday party of the school year.
It was a Slumber Party but from what I heard there was not much Slumbering done.
Host Mom said they went to bed around 2am and woke up at 7:30am.
~~Lauren said she had the BEST time and can't wait to have her friend over for playdates.~~
I'm happy for her but Lauren and only FIVE hours of sleep is not a good combination.
She's already lost 50 cents for saying bad words.
  --->  "Be Quiet Tyler!"  <---
(said with the same meaning, sass and emotion as "SHUT UP" so treated with the same punishment)
((yes, her parents are soooo mean))
Bed time coming up shortly!

In other Oh My Weekend news:
14 cars were broken into in our neighborhood the other day.
We have about 100 houses total.
I know we're close to Atlanta but I like to pretend, being the distant suburb we are, that we are free and clear from Atlanta's crime.
Thoughts are this was an inside (inside the neighborhood) job and that one juvenile has been caught.

Matt was working out of town when this happened but now that he's back I had him put up a motion sensor light by the garage.  It's a cool one with bells and whistles and timers and dimmers.  I can't wait for our first trespasser!

Dinner tonight was fantastic.
I love it when Matt makes sounds as he's eating.  This tells me it is good and should tell you to most definitely try it!  =)

(I used kite string to tie it together)

Served with sliced apples, oranges and Smoked (fingerling) Potato Salad.

Oh My Weekend...
Despite Lauren testing everything, everyone and my very last nerve right now... it's been fun.
More fun to come tomorrow.
We have a Mom's Club Fiesta Party to attend.

Time to put the grouches to bed.
Night Y'All.

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nicole. said...

thank you :)

if i had the patience to cook, i would steal some of these recipes. instead my family gets spruced up rago. shhh dont tell 'em