Monday, August 15, 2011

BFF Weekend

We all survived the first week of school.
It was a big adjustment for all of us.
(In addition to separation anxiety, getting up at 6am again is hard.)

To celebrate the first weekend of the school year we all had a fun and relaxing weekend with our BFFs.
I played Bunco.
Matt played Tiger Woods (on the PS3 with the glow wands?)
But, most importantly Lauren and Tyler played almost constantly with their BFFs.

 Tera and Lauren
at the park

BFF picnic at the park
Tera & Lauren
Big Tyler & Little Tyler and Me

Tyler & Troy
in the sandbox

The weekend eventually came to an end and we're back to our weekday schedule now.
The kids are back at school, Matt is back to work and I'm back to making tasty dishes to eat.

Sunday dessert was:
(the picture looks funky but they were delish)

Dinner tonight was very kid centered (since Matt is working out of town.)
We had Baked Mozzarella Bites, Kid-tastic Pizzadillas, steamed asparagus and green salad.
It was a Kid-tastic Hit!
(Matt texted to say he had Chicken Fried Steak...I'm still thinking our dinner was better.)

I hope you all had a great weekend and spent some quality time with your BFFs just like we did.

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Gloria said...

Fried cheese??? My little girl is a true Southern Belle now.

I guess they were actually baked (oven fried?) - but they do look pretty tasty.