Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Minecraft - app of the hour

While we were in Destin, FL last week for the TAPPI conference, Matt and I left the kids with a baby-sitter and went out for crab legs and cocktails.  (Don't worry, the baby-sitter was a daughter of a co-worker.)  Laci, the sitter, was playing Minecraft on her iPAD and Lauren and Tyler watched her play the entire time.  We basically paid her to play her iPAD for 2 hours.

Well the kids have not stopped playing Minecraft since.

We even got Tyler and Tera on board (and semi-addicted.)

When they aren't playing Minecraft...

...they are watching YouTube videos of other people playing Minecraft.

If your aren't playing Minecraft already L & the three Ts strongly recommend you do.

(How many times do I have to say Minecraft in a post before the creators offer me some money for advertising?)

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Ellen said...

My boys (and sometimes Hillary)are very into minecraft. Jared even spent some of his birthday money and ordered a lego minecraft set.